West Seattle Blog… | DEVELOPMENT: see preliminary design proposal for the overzoned Morgan Junction site

One year after the first report on a redevelopment plan for a HALA-upzoned Morgan Junction site, the first design proposal appeared on the city Design review to place. You can see the package here. The official site address is 6314 41st SW, but it also spans 6308 41st and 4023 SW Grahamp. The project will go through Administrative design review, which means there is no public meeting, although comments are taken by email. The proposal is now described as “three apartment buildings (3, 4 and 5 floors) with 6 energy efficient housing units and 30 apartment units (36 units in total). Parking for 15 vehicles available. The design package shows a mix of studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom. The developer / designer is still based in Texas HistoryBuilt, although the ownership records still do not indicate a change in ownership. The plots for this project were initially brought to market in 2017, as part of a package that kicked off the idea for a larger project, but instead the region has seen smaller proposals such as this one and groups of townhouses. Comments on the design of this project? [email protected] is who to send an email to.

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