Web3 Design Course 2022 | Crypto UX Design Patterns

Web3 Design Course 2022

This course will introduce you to fundamental Web3 design patterns and mental models. Learning these concepts will help you become a Web3 product designer.

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, June 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Web3 Design Course 2022 is free and structured as a user journey for integration with Web3. Following this journey step by step, you will learn Web3 design patterns and the UX of dapps.

It starts when users connect their bank account to a crypto exchange and buy cryptocurrency. Much importance is given to this stage – it is known as the “on-ramp” to cryptocurrencies. Users exchange their fiat currencies (eg USD) for cryptocurrencies (eg ETH). The UX for buying crypto differs between exchanges, but significant sticking points are present on all of them.

Cryptocurrency that users buy on an exchange is held by that exchange. Users must keep their crypto themselves in order to take full advantage of the Web3 ecosystem and its decentralized applications. Users first create a Web3 wallet and then send crypto from the exchange to the wallet. This marks a significant shift from using centralized products (i.e. banks and exchanges) to using decentralized blockchain-based products (i.e. wallets and dApps). ).

Web3 wallets can be thought of as anonymous bank vaults. Anyone can create one, and users don’t need to reveal their identities (unlike banks and exchanges) to do so. In Web3 wallets, users manage their crypto assets like checking token balances and sending crypto to other wallets.

Finally, wallets are connected to dapps. This is how users access the Web3 ecosystem. Web3 dApps are markedly different from the Web2 applications we are used to using (eg Facebook and Twitter). Dapps are built on blockchains, rather than centrally managed servers and databases. The dapp ecosystem is growing rapidly and new categories of Web3 products are being developed, such as decentralized social media, data, identity, games and more. We will cover these emerging categories in the future Web3 design course.

So that’s an overview of the Web3 user journey. In the sections that follow, we’ll go deeper into each of the four phases. After discussing the phases, discuss more advanced concepts like what is a Web3 wallet on the backend, what is a blockchain and P2P network, and how Web2 applications differ from Web3 dApps in terms of architecture software. Upon completion of the Web3 Design 2022 course, you will have a solid understanding of Web3 concepts, design patterns, and underlying blockchain technologies.

There is also a video version of the entire course at Youtube.

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Web3 Design Course 2022 | Crypto UX Design Patterns