The School of Interior Design’s end-of-year hybrid show celebrates the messiness of the design process

This story is sponsored by the School of Interior Design.

Each year, the School of Interior Design (formerly the Ryerson School of Interior Design) hosts a design festival that highlights the talented works of students in its degree program. For the first time ever, the annual event will take on a hybrid format – members of the interior design community will be able to participate from the comfort of their homes.

The event committee is made up of 30 third and fourth year interior design students who have worked tirelessly to create a End of year show (YES) for the public. The hybrid show celebrates students’ achievements while helping them foster connections and establish themselves within an evolving industry. It is also a platform for individuals to learn and talk about topics relevant to today’s industry.

Online attendees can expect an exciting range of design workshops, installations and keynote speakers. The YES Committee will invite several industry professionals from reputable design firms across Canada and abroad to speak at the event. Panel discussions and tutorials will further enhance students’ skills and provide opportunities for community building.

For those eager to get out of the house, YES will also be offering a can’t-miss in-person exhibition of student work, taking place at Arta Gallery in May.

The concept for the installation of YES in 2022 is “Un/ Filtered”. It aims to embrace the messiness and imperfection of the design process and focus on the transparency that allows students to value a wide range of perspectives.

“Process is such an important word in the design industry because it’s the backbone of our work, but if you ask a designer to show you their process work, we’ll usually respond with ‘that’s too much. complicated,'” shares Joey Chu, YES 2022 chair. “We want to use our platform to encourage designers to embrace this mess because it’s what makes each of our design styles so unique.”

The School of Interior Design offers one of the most highly regarded interior design programs in Canada and has been preparing students for a successful career in the industry since 1948.

But when it comes to the work itself, interior design is about much more than choosing paint colors – it’s about creating functional, safe and inspiring residential and commercial spaces.

Within the Bachelor of Interior Design program, students learn how to conceptualize design plans, create timelines, source materials suitable for each project, and more. Courses also cover design history, sustainability, communications, technology, design psychology, and advanced rendering.

Individuals considering an interior design education can gain valuable insight into the immersive and hands-on curriculum by attending the events YES 2022 has to offer. All students, professionals and the general public are invited to attend this annual design festival.

For more information, visit or follow the SID Year End Show on instagram.