The interior design not to do on TikTok, according to the pros

As interior design continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that designers have taken to platforms like TikTok to share their design tips and tricks. As a result, TikTok has rapidly grown to rival Instagram for the interior design spotlight. With fun and quirky videos of designers sharing their favorite trends in a simple, understandable format, TikTok has created a space homeowners can go to when they need help with their next renovation.

One thing that DesignTok, the interior design side of TikTok, has to offer in abundance is professional design advice on what homeowners should aim to avoid in their next renovation. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ugly interior design mistakes below to help you know what’s wrong. not to do in your next renovation project.

Harmonize the tones and textures of each piece of furniture

Designer @homedrawninteriors on TikTok shared their do’s and don’ts for designing the perfect bedroom. This designer mentioned in his video the importance of diversifying the colors, textures and styles of furniture in your bedroom. Matching bedroom sets have become obsolete, often resembling more of a 90s or early 2000s home design trend. This designer recommends avoiding matching the tones and textures of each piece of furniture, by especially in the bedroom.


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Instead, try mixing and matching different materials and styles to create a more organic, textured look. For example, HomeDrawnInteriors shares a modern bedroom with a white textile headboard, painted side table and wicker bench, which gives the illusion of more depth and dimension in the design.

Opt for a cheap and cliche modern farmhouse calligraphy wall art

While the modern farmhouse style is a popular choice for many homeowners, some design details of this aesthetic have become outdated and tacky. Designer @studiokindesign on TikTok shares her take on interior design mistakes homeowners should avoid. When it comes to modern farmhouse aesthetics, cheap calligraphy wall art is a thing of the past. This wall art, often found at major retailers, can depreciate your home’s design or make your space look kitschy.


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Instead of using this 2014-dated modern farmhouse design detail, @studiokindesign recommends selecting earthy, organic decor. Landscape paintings, pottery and earthenware, tweed materials and wicker details are better options for lovers of the modern farmhouse style.

An all-white or austere color scheme

The stark all-white color palette serves many home design styles like minimalism or Scandinavian aesthetic. However, this color palette is misused and often not suitable for design styles where color and pattern may be more favorable. @thegrovehousesocal on TikTok shares their design don’ts, one of which is the all-white palette. The problem with an all-white palette is that it’s easy to create a bland or flat look that looks sterile or uninteresting. So @TheGroveHouseSoCal encourages homeowners to opt for a neutral palette that has more depth and texture.


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For homeowners who prefer white color palettes and aesthetics, we recommend pairing them with warmer tones like dark brown, cream, beige, or reddish brown to create an earthy look. Be sure to mix in plenty of texture through woven rugs, baskets, stone and metal, and glassware to create a rich and inviting design.

Curtains that don’t come down to the floor

While many interior design failures are often based on personal preference, it’s pretty safe to assume that one of the ugliest design mistakes is using curtains that don’t reach all the way to the floor. Many professional designers strongly recommend that homeowners avoid this ugly design trend, regardless of their design style. TikTok creator @barelykeepingittogether shares her version of interior design mistakes to avoid. Among them, the use of curtains that are too short to reach the floor.


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As a rule of thumb, homeowners should hang curtains about six inches above the window frame and then let the fabric “kiss the floor,” as @BarelyKeepingItTogether puts it. It will create a more elegant and luxurious look in the house and keep your design from feeling unfinished.

navy blue farmhouse style kitchen design

The outdated “kitchen triangle”

If you are in the process of remodeling your kitchen or considering changing the layout of your kitchen, you may have heard of the “kitchen triangle”. It is a term used to describe the arrangement between the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. For many years the kitchen triangle has been a fantastic way to design a kitchen to enhance the single cook experience. However, just like designer @prestonkonrad mentions in their TikTok video, the design of the house shifted to a more community feel for the kitchen space.


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Instead of using the kitchen triangle method, @PrestonKonrad encourages homeowners to choose a kitchen layout that promotes a workspace feel. More room for movement and large tables or large counter space for food preparation are ideal. As you renovate your kitchen, consider how your layout will best benefit a team kitchen environment. (Of course, if there’s only one chef in your house, the kitchen triangle design still works.)

Ultimately, you should always decorate your home in a way that satisfies you. If you adore any of the aforementioned design trends, there’s no need to completely remove them from your home. That said, we recommend pairing these trends with some of the suggested alternatives for a more modern touch in your home design. However you plan to decorate your space, you can always rest assured that you’ll find plenty of inspiration from TikTok’s design experts and gurus.

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