The 10 best games for those who love interior design

While some games take players on fantastic adventures or let them go wild with guns to take down baddies, this is not the playstyle for all gamers. Instead, some like a more relaxing experience, one that allows the player to indulge their creative side.

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With the release of Animal Crossing: New HorizonDLC of Happy home paradise offering players even more house building options, interior design enthusiasts have many new ways to show off their creative flair in the game. But, there are plenty of other titles available – available on a variety of platforms. shapes – for future interior designers.


Home design: Caribbean Life (mobile)

A promotional image for Home Design: Caribbean Life

Gamers looking for a more tropical interior design experience should be sure to check out Home design: Caribbean life, a cute and quirky mobile game set in the Caribbean. Both an interior design game and a puzzle, players must participate in challenging mini-games to earn in-game currency for choosing furniture. Once these mini-challenges are completed, users can choose furniture to decorate the various interior spaces (and garden!).

While the puzzle aspect is not for everyone, Home design: Caribbean life may surprise players with how it hooks them up and keeps them coming back for more.

Redecorate (Mobile)

A promotional image for Redecor showing a white armchair

Compete against other interior design enthusiasts in this innovative mobile game. Redecorate presents players with a solid white 3D render of a room and let them go wild choosing colors and materials to fill it. Once submitted, designs are voted on by other players, and winning designs receive in-game virtual currency and additional material to add to their bank. With a sleek design and new challenges every day, there is a lot to love about the game.

Free download and play, Redecorate Also offers a paid season pass that gives players access to exclusive material. Each month’s pass is themed around a different interior design style, with past themes including industrial and art nouveau decor. Manufacturers are also posting information about these design styles on their social media, giving interior design enthusiasts a chance to brush up on their knowledge as well.

Tenants (PC)

A screenshot of the opening screen of The Tenants

In Tenants players have the opportunity to own, buy old and ruined apartments, renovate them, find suitable people to fill the properties and take over day-to-day management. The game is currently still in Early Access – which means players might run into a few bugs – but it’s slated for full release in about a year.

Interior design is only part of the gameplay here, and players can decide what kind of owner they want to be – the kind that puts in the latest and greatest devices or the kind that just throws in a fresh coat of paint and call it a day – but it’s a very pleasant experience nonetheless.

3D house design (mobile)

An image showing a modern container house built in Home Design 3D

3d house design was not created with casual play in mind. In fact, it is home design software for people to plan renovations in their own homes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of fun. In fact, once players are stuck it can allow for tremendous amounts of imagination and creativity.

It’s a flexible tool with a realistic art style, perfect for those who want to stay away from anything very stylized or cutesy. Players can create a 3D render of their own home for hypothetical redesigns or let their imaginations run wild to create the ultimate home of their dreams.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)

A human figure in an office in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal crossing is a charming simulation game where players can move around a picturesque village populated by adorable anthropomorphic animals – but if that alone isn’t enough to hook players up, one of the biggest draws is the build and customize aspect of the house of the game.

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In the latest iteration of the series, Animal crossing: new horizons for the Nintendo Switch, there are more ways to build than ever thanks to the recent Happy home paradise DLC. In it, players can not only decorate their own home, but also find new customers to design for. The style is definitely more cartoonish than realistic, but there is a lot of inspiration online for gamers looking for interior decorating ideas and tips in. CA: NH.

Kawaii house design (mobile)

A main character and the Kawaii Home Design showroom

Gamers who love a cuter art style are sure to fall for the mobile game. Kawaii house design. The premise of the game is simple: the player’s family runs an interior design showroom on the verge of bankruptcy, and it’s up to the player to keep it afloat by doing interior design work for them. clients.

Kawaii house design has the added bonus of not having any mini-games or puzzles to complete, and there are even public polls where users can vote on each other’s designs.

Fallout 4 (PC / PS4 / Xbox)

Unions Hope Cathedral in Fallout 4

It might not be the kind of game gamers think of when looking for an “home decor game”, but anyone who has played Fallout 4 will agree that designing and building settlements is one of the funniest parts of the game.

Players have the option of outfitting their base with all manner of doomsday features, and there are more than a few places in the open world where a Colony can be built. There are even mods that add new locations to Fallout 4. When it comes to building, there are necessities that must be met, like beds and a way to generate electricity, so not everything is free run – but there is a lot to be done and a lot to be done. challenges too.

Design house: real interior decoration (mobile)

The interface for Design Home: Real Home Decor

Presented as a fun and relaxing game, Design house: real interior decoration gives the genre a twist by allowing players to use real-world furniture in their designs. There are hundreds of options to choose from, including wallpaper and furniture available for purchase from real-world brands.

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There are daily design challenges to participate in and participating will allow players to unlock rewards. Players can also vote on the designs of other users. It is a simple game with many options that will captivate interior design enthusiasts for hours.

House Flipper (PC / PS4 / Xbox)

Games that expand on the functionality of The Sims 4 Home Decor House Flipper

While buying, renovating and selling homes is not financially viable for everyone, Flipper House gives aspiring fins the chance to make their dreams come true. Players start by performing design and renovation tasks for clients, before earning enough to purchase their first project.

It’s a realistic simulation of a house knockdown – players have to tear down or build interior walls, apply plaster and paint, and lay floors and tiles in each room. But, once all the basics have been laid, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff: interior design. Gameplay is enhanced by the game’s latest add-on, the Deluxe downloadable content, in which more modern furniture is added to the catalog and players can complete tasks using trendy mood boards. Flipper House Also features pop culture references to shows and movies which is a fun addition for fans.

The Sims 4 (PC / PS4 / Xbox)

Sims 4 Home Decorator makes smart use of space

The oldest episode of The sims franchise, The sims 4 is, of course, a life simulation game – but it’s in the element of house building and interior design that the title really shines. There are a lot of things fans didn’t know they could do in TS4 and new, intuitive controls – like the ability to drag walls to make them bigger rather than knocking them down to start over – make the building and interior design look of the game better than ever.

Even without the ever popular color wheel of its predecessor The sims 3, the game still provides enough interior design options and styles to keep gamers happy for hours on end. After all, there has been eleven expansion packs, ten game packs, eighteen item packs and nine kits to date – most of them packed with options for walls and floors, furniture and decorations. the Dream home decorator Game pack even allows sim players to become interior decorators themselves.

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