Synopsys Advances Silicon Lifecycle Management to Accelerate Data Transport and Significantly Reduce Test Time

New Streaming Fabric Technology Enables Real-Time Silicon Health Monitoring for Reliable Endpoint Operation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Enabling real-time analysis for silicon condition monitoring of increasingly large and complex designs, Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced innovative streaming that shortens both silicon data access and test time by up to 80% while minimizing excessive power. Powered by the Synopsys TestMAX® DFT design-for-test tool and part of Synopsys’ Coherent Silicon Lifecycle Management workflow, the new broadcast fabric is a single on-chip network that rapidly transports data from silicon to and from across multiple design blocks and multi-chip systems, greatly reducing the time required to effectively test and analyze overall chip health for anomalies and failures.

“Enfabrica builds state-of-the-art silicon at the heart of hyper-distributed compute systems, and we need state-of-the-art silicon lifecycle management technologies to meet our quality goals,” said Rochan Sankar, CEO of Enfabrica. “Synopsys’ new continuous fabric technology has demonstrated a substantial reduction in testing time on our designs compared to existing approaches. We are very pleased with the results and are counting on these gains in our silicon testing.

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Reduced test costs due to reduced data transport time

Ensuring silicon health and availability requires constant access and analysis of on-chip or multi-chip system data on parameters such as process, voltage, and temperature. For large advanced node designs, engineering teams typically use a divide and conquer approach by incorporating data access into each design block and then connecting the blocks to pins at the chip level. Traditional networks are rather rigid and require significant planning. In contrast, the new streaming fabric technology takes a plug-and-play approach, requiring minimal planning effort as it can be programmed to accommodate different block speeds and data interface sizes. To minimize routing, the framework supports simplified branching for blocks with small data interfaces. These features ensure that block-level data access methodologies fit the physical design, require minimal effort, and provide the shortest possible required access time, reducing testing costs. Additionally, the technology’s simplified branch connections minimize the physical impact on designs, allowing engineering teams to rapidly deploy the streaming fabric using the Synopsys Digital Design Family.

Improved data reliability through accurate power estimation

Data, including test programs, applied to chips or multi-chip systems in the field must not cause the silicon to use too much power, which could damage the part or invalidate the results. New power estimation technology built into Synopsys TestMAX ATPG model generation solution more accurately determines the power consumed at the time of data application compared to previous methods by attributing the results of power analysis technology Synopsys PrimePower RTL on signing. As a result, the power drop is mitigated, thus avoiding incorrect silicon data results and damage.

“Efficient and cost-effective access to data on silicon is a fundamental requirement to achieve reliable operation of devices during their life cycle, which is essential for high availability of mission-critical applications,” said Amit Sanghani, senior vice president of the Synopsys Hardware Analytics and Testing team. “Our new streaming framework and more accurate power estimation capabilities further strengthen our Silicon Lifecycle Management family of products, ensuring customers can achieve these goals while meeting design and planning goals.”

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