Space cleaning experts infuse interior design with spirituality

The stress of going through a pandemic squatting at home while working – or worse, not working at all – has fueled interest in a niche home service: space cleaning, a practice that straddles the line. spirituality and interior design.

Space cleaning services have become widely available through holistic interior design firms, can even be performed remotely, and their price ranges from $ 100 to several hundred dollars per hour depending on the complexity involved. Of course, cleaning up the space can also be a DIY project that requires little more than reading the ritual to prepare.

“The reason I started this journey and studied it all,” said Gala Magriñá, who runs her eponymous interior design company in Queens, New York, “comes from a quote from the Global Wellness Institute: “Our homes, communities and the environment around us directly affect our daily behaviors and lifestyles and together they determine up to 80% to 90% of our health outcomes.” Our spaces matter. They have a huge impact on our health and mental well-being.

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Define space clearance

Space cleaning, often associated with yoga and meditation, feng shui, and New Age practitioners, is a ritual to start over in a space. It could be smearing (burning sage or palo santo), ringing a bell, or other actions.

“The essence of energy is intention,” said Matthew Tenzin, of Joe McGuire Design, a holistic interior design firm in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado. “It is a conscious or unconscious intention. Smudging is an act of conscious intention. It is an opportunity to honor the history of space, not to reject, chase away and banish all negativity.

Mr Tenzin, who also runs True Home Design, an energy-focused design consultancy, said stuck energy, which someone doesn’t want in their home, is more easily removed when it is is “honored, recognized, felt and released”.

“This applies to our blocked internal emotions and healing as well as spaces,” he added.

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The idea behind the smoke from burning sage or palo santo is that it helps remove what practitioners called “the old stagnant energy.”

“When you create a ritual around that, it becomes powerful,” Ms. Magriñá said. She does not do any energy work herself and instead calls in space cleaning experts. She has even worked with experts who can perform energy compensation remotely using a pendulum, an address, and a house’s floor plan. “It’s fascinating,” she said. Tenzin warned that when it comes to a building with a complicated history and energy imbalances, it’s best to call a professional. For example, trying to clean a hotel is probably beyond the reach of most DIY enthusiasts.

“We worked on an old hotel with a lot of rooms, with a lot of history and a lot of complexity. It took a lot of work to clean up. At the end of the day, they said it was the best money they had ever spent in terms of customer satisfaction, ”Tenzin said. The hotel customer told Mr. Tenzin that they had fewer customer complaints and happier staff after cleaning.

Build on the elements of holistic design

After cleaning up the space, designers often rely on the holistic design school of thought to reinvent a space. Holistic design touches on nature and biophilic design, colors, shapes, natural light, appropriate artificial lighting, air quality, ventilation, sustainability, well-being and energy. “So many [of holistic interior design] has to do with our old brain connection with nature, the patterns of nature, the sounds of nature, the feelings that nature emits and the recreation of those within, ”said Ms. Magriñá.

Holistic design touches on nature and biophilic design, colors, shapes, natural light and more to promote well-being.

Claire Esparros

Joe McGuire’s team takes the same considerations, as well as the social, spiritual and sustainable aspects of interior design. Their clients in Boulder and the Denver metro area and the surrounding mountains often have acreage. He encourages a walk around the perimeter of the property to learn more about its natural elements.

“By working from the outside in, with a clear intention, what can come about in terms of inspiration and vision is pretty deep,” Mr. Tenzin said. “We have a guided visualization process, and then our customers may have a different understanding of how the floor plan should be or the color scheme. When people connect with the land and the history of the place, there is an opening of the heart and a desire to take care of it.

He said he sees humanity entering a phase where people “claim our sacred role as stewards and co-creators on this planet, not just as consumers.”

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How to know if a space cleanup might help

Moving into a new space, remodeling an old space, going through a period of transition or wanting to refresh a space are all good times to undertake the cleaning of the space. “When you do a cleanse, you are cleaning out all the old stagnant energy from space so that you can start over,” Ms. Magriñá said.

Additionally, if the home had previous occupants, it may be beneficial for the current occupants to do a space cleanup.

Mr Tenzin said he believed that “users of space can have an impact on this space even when they are no longer there”.

He called this process, the emotional energy of a former resident stagnant in a space, an “energy imprint.” “We are not taught to notice it and to be able to distinguish what belongs to us and what does not belong to us. People may move into a new house and ask, “Why am I in such funk? I don’t feel like myself. I feel so sad and I don’t know what’s going on.

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Do-it-yourself space cleaning

When clients are averse to hiring professionals to help clean up the space, holistic interior designers won’t force the issue. It is always possible to create a space to promote well-being without hiring an energy-focused designer.

“I’ll ask them if they want to do a space cleanup on their own. They like it. I give them a tutorial on how to take sage or palo santo and do it themselves, so that they are part of the process, ”Ms. Magriñá said. “They are infusing their own homes with the energy and blessings they want.”

Energetic work in the context of interior design is an opportunity to set intentions for the future and surrounding oneself with images, colors and textures, according to practitioners, will help to encourage those intentions.

“It’s a strong point to slow down and ask yourself: what is our intention for this space? How do we want to feel? How do we see this next chapter in our life? What is the ideal and highest expression of our life together in this space? Mr. Tenzin said. “It’s surprising how many people don’t, and it can avoid a lot of conflicts and open up a lot of new possibilities in the design process. “

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