Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City offers ADU interior design students a unique learning experience

As part of a partnership agreement between Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) and Abu Dhabi University (ADU), ADU’s interior design students had a first-hand educational experience to learn, apply their skills, and express their creativity by applying their innovative design ideas to the Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation. In addition to empowering students and creating positive spaces for patients, this collaboration will help students work and learn alongside SSMC’s engineering team and apply more new designs in its facilities.

The whole process consisted of four phases. During the first phase, ADU students and faculty members provided significant input and ideas for the design of the pediatric rehabilitation service under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Elshakhs, Assistant Professor of Interior and Furniture Design, Department of Architecture and Design, ADU. The renovation process includes plans for the entrance, hallways, reception, waiting rooms, two treatment rooms, a gymnasium and a speech therapy room.

Following the success of the first installation, further design phases will follow as part of the collaboration. Currently, SSMC’s engineering team and ADU students are working together on the hospital’s gynecological emergency and prenatal diagnostic center, with plans to also include the pediatric ward, emergency room maternity

OROR area. In addition to the Parent Diagnostical Center, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Dr. Hamdi Sheibani, Dean of Abu Dhabi University (ADU) College of Engineering, said, “The collaboration between Abu Dhabi University (ADU) and Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC) is a valuable initiative from which both entities have reaped the benefits equally. It is a colossal opportunity for our students to enrich and develop their skills in a practical setting. Abu Dhabi University constantly strives to build successful partnerships with local and international players that add value to its students. We look forward to seeing our students’ exemplary commitment to this initiative as we continue to support and prepare them to be future leaders in their careers. »

Dr. Ahmed Elshakhs, Assistant Professor of Interior and Furniture Design, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) and project supervisor, said, “This is a great opportunity for our students to engage in the design field professionally through a comprehensive design proposal, including full visual documentation, working drawings details, material selection, specifications and quantities. For the first time, the Department of Architecture of Abu Dhabi University (ADU) provided consultation for a complete project towards the implementation and construction phase. The students demonstrated strong competence and a solid knowledge base of the process which earned them the respect of both the client and the contractor. The significant relationship between the child and the mother was evoked and taken into account in the students’ proposal. This project illustrates the strength of the department’s curriculum.

Dr. Abba Zubair, Dean of Education at SSMC, said, “At SSMC, education is a fundamental pillar of our mission and we are committed to providing a holistic healthcare experience for our patients. We are excited to work alongside Abu Dhabi University (ADU), to provide their talented students with a unique opportunity to utilize their skills with the guidance of our class engineering team. world. By giving them a platform to apply their learnings in a practical environment, they have succeeded in providing an uplifting space for our pediatric patients, which we are confident will make their hospital stay more positive.

The Interior Design Program at ADU combines aesthetics and technology, including computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D computer modeling, to help students create remarkable, practical, and stylish interior environments.

SSMC’s vision is to become the region’s preferred integrated healthcare destination for critical and complex patient care. Its strategy to achieve this is through the SSMC model of care, where care is provided, one patient at a time, by a multidisciplinary team of experts within a comprehensive multi-specialty practice, supported by education and the research. The integration of SSMC’s three shields: Practice, Education and Research, is fundamental to its vision and to meeting the needs of all patients.

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