Shape your future with a degree in product design

Design has come a long way in recent years. Therefore, it is essential for design enthusiasts to carefully select the specific creative area in which they wish to grow and learn. The design industry will see a dynamic growth in demand for design professionals, especially product designers, in the coming years. Due to growing employment opportunities, increased student aspirations, and various other positive demographic factors, there is a receptivity to varied career options and dynamic choices. The inclination towards the field of creativity and design has led to an increase in the number of budding aspirants for the same, every year.

A product design course is for someone who thinks outside the box, believes in innovation and has a mind that floats around creativity. They are the designers who make products to facilitate a specific task. They are expert in making products that perform a simplistic task with much more efficiency, functionality and also visually appealing to their target customers. A career in product design is a smart choice for those who eat, sleep, and breathe creativity and have an innovative approach to life. A few of the many career paths offered by Product Design Degree are listed below:

Clothing and Textile Technologist

Product designers are hired in the apparel and textile industry to test, find and select an ideal fabric for products produced in the industry. As a technologist, you need to source the appropriate fabrics or textiles and perform internal control tests. The job involves working on product development, improving product efficiency, and collaborating with people involved in the manufacturing process. Because the garment and textile industries are inextricably linked, end products range from garments to household and industrial textiles.

Interior decorator

Product designers can become interior designers in their own right by creating products that can be used to create an attractive, productive and artistic interior space. Interior and space designers use their creative and technical knowledge to create unique designs for their clients. You could work in a variety of commercial, recreational or home settings. This job requires efficient use of space, practical functionality and an understanding of aesthetics that satisfies the client’s desires.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is more about software capabilities. As a graphic designer, you must create attractive visuals while being creative and having the ability to work in a team. You will be in charge of a wide range of products and activities, such as marketing the products through a website, exhibitions, displays and magazines; creation of posters, advertisements, graphics for computer games; design product packaging, corporate communications and build a corporate identity. Additionally, you will be responsible for meeting client requirements as outlined in the brief, as well as developing appropriate innovative ideas and concepts to achieve client goals.

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Managers are responsible for locating and purchasing the most efficient quality of equipment, goods and services at the most competitive prices in order to achieve a successful and fully functioning business organization.

Product manager

As a product manager, you must have key business knowledge, familiarity with marketing gimmicks, data analysis savvy, access to technology, and excellent communication skills. A product manager works with those who create a product, those who use the merchandise, and those who run the business to ensure that the merchandise meets everyone’s needs. Product managers ensure that the product is built efficiently and that the people who built it have access to the latest technologies and techniques.

(The author is the Founder, Aachho)