Schneider Electric: The decoration trends everyone is talking about in 2021!

If you like to keep up with all the design trends, this blog will bring you the best in design, every month! While it’s easy to get a long list of trends online, our experts will carefully select the most popular and unique trends. To add to that, this blog will help you rethink the spaces around you with a few small tweaks – and voila!

This month, let’s talk about Japandi!

Japandi has proven to be an interior style that symbolizes a perfect marriage between simplicity and nature. All this while improving functionality! No wonder it was one of the design trends to watch in 2021. Symbiosis of Japanese calm and Scandinavian clarity, Japandi is a trend you would like to embrace.

What is Japandi?

Japandi brings the best of two different parts of the globe – Scandinavia and Japan, to a calming fusion called Japandi or Scandi-Japanese style. The mixture of contrasting colors like pearl gray, sky blue, natural wood in dark and light tones, a hint of black, pale pink and white make Japandi more earthy.

Customers now want their home to be irresistibly beautiful, simple and scalable. We took New Unica’s very successful design and gave it a remarkable makeover to blend perfectly with this style.

What makes it different?

To clean. Declutter. Functional.

It has a strong focus on simplicity, creating a peaceful and warm environment with a minimalist layout. Scandinavian brings clarity through architectural lines and comfortable, clean decor, while Japanese style focuses on soothing and elegant minimalism creating the perfect blend of minimal + functional.

Metal, slate, glass and more, Schneider Electric switches and products embody the soul of Japandi. Made with the latest aesthetic trends in mind.

Isn’t minimalism just another fad?

The clarity of Scandinavian and the calming and elegant minimalism of Japanese Рspeak to each other on so many levels. A minimalist functional design with a sprinkle of sleek decor pieces rather than an abundance of decor, is a trend that all designers love to include in their home d̩cor.

Blending in with the greenery, your exterior and interior, Schneider Electric switches and products do not stand out and help make your home the perfect amount of minimal and functional.

Anyone Can Japandi!

here is 3 easy ways to infuse your space with Japandi vibrations, to give you that clean, minimal and clean style of that interior design inspiration pin you’ve always wanted.

  • Embrace imperfection – When many imperfections come together, they create an aesthetic all their own!
  • Mix inside and outside – Japandi interiors consist in maintaining the continuous flow between the objects of a house, the interior and the exterior, the mixture of colors, etc.
  • Elegant use of greenery – While minimalism in the decor is of course required, an overdose of greenery can also distort the balance!

For sheer elegance, nothing comes close to the luxurious look and feel of D-living. Although the sleek, square design includes a variety of cover frames, it goes without saying that a Japandi home would be nicer. with these materials.

Refuse, eliminate, separate

Japandi celebrates the concept of “Danshari” which means “to refuse”, “to throw” and “to separate” the objects that weigh you down or create negative energy in a house. By keeping things that really serve a purpose or that are meaningful to you, it adds to the value of a space in a home.

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The Schneider Electric ranges include all the energy management solutions you need to improve the style, comfort and safety of your customers’ homes. Whether it’s controlling the lighting to suit your mood or lightening your mood with entertainment. Our products are ready to meet the current and future needs of your customers, whether they are system connections or smart home functions!

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