Regent Academy adds interior design course to its offering

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The creative industries training house Regent Academy has added home interior design courses to its offering, which has already helped a generation of artists come into contact with their inspiration in disciplines such as photography and photography. antique trade.

Regent Academy now offers a wide selection of training courses for different artistic disciplines, including:

  • Interior design courses that help individuals decorate their own homes and those of others;
  • Fashion training course for those with an eye for designer clothes.
  • Antiquities courses for amateur collectors or professional traders;
  • Photography courses for amateurs and future professional photographers.

The new addition expands and complements the existing range, creating new learning opportunities for those who wish to indulge their creative side.

Interior design comes in two paths: “successful” for home improvement enthusiasts, and “professional” for those hoping to sell their services. Students can register for both at the same time, if they wish.

The two available fashion courses complement each other and can even be used to prepare for a City & Guilds qualification.

In the existing photography course, students only need a camera and a computer; the course includes some editing tips, so tutors can advise new students on the software they wish to install.

And the antiques course can help students spot items that are worth their price at antique fairs and auctions – and potentially those that are worth much more than their asking price, too.

Regent Academy spokesperson Paul Keene said: “Home learning is a great way to take your first steps in a creative discipline, as you can study whenever inspiration strikes you, as well as learn ways to overcome those times of trouble when you just don’t have ideas.

“The latest home learning courses from Regent Academy add interior design to our offering, an extremely popular hobby that can lead to a second source of income or even a primary career for creative people.”

More than 90,000 students have already enrolled at Regent Academy over more than two decades, and the training house – and its tutors – look forward to helping the next generation acquire these useful creative skills through education courses. home learning old and new.

About the Regent Academy

Regent Academy offers hands-on training courses for amateurs and for people wishing to enter the creative industries as professionals. Home study allows students to learn when and where they want, with homework that can be returned for tutor commentary if desired.

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