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Stephen Molloy, director of aerospace, defense and industry for quality management service provider, G&P, has been re-elected to the board of directors of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA).

Established in 2003, the MAA is the voice of Midlands-based companies supplying the aerospace industry, helping to increase business income and create high-quality jobs in the region, also forging links nationwide and international.

Molloy, who previously served on the Board of Directors for a first term of two years, is a Chartered Engineer with extensive international industrial experience in cell and power generation environments. Since 2017, Molloy has been leading G&P activities in the aerospace industry where the company successfully transfers its recognized expertise in quality management into high value-added manufacturing environments in the aerospace sector and the supply chain.

Commenting on his re-election, Stephen Molloy said: “It is an honor to be re-elected to the MAA Board of Directors. It is an incredibly exciting time for the industry as it seeks to overcome recent global challenges. By continuing to work collaboratively and bringing together our individual skills and areas of expertise, we can help ensure that Midlands aerospace companies continue to be ideally positioned and operate competitively on the global stage. “

MAA currently comprises over 300 member companies, of which about 60% manufacture “flying parts” and the rest manufacture equipment for design, testing, manufacture or provide specialized services.

“We are delighted to welcome back Stephen Molloy following his re-election as a director,” said Andrew Mair, CEO of MAA. “Stephen brings a wealth of quality expertise to our Board of Aerospace Executives which represents a wide range of organizations at all levels of the industry. Together, our Board of Directors strives to enable one of the world’s largest aerospace clusters to thrive through sustainability, productivity, innovation and global competitiveness.

Molloy is one of six elected directors to MAA’s board of directors from the supply chain, highlighting his expertise and that of G&P in the field.

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