PostCovid interior design: wallpapers are making a comeback

Hogar HGTV celebrity Guimar Urbina, chosen in Belgium as one of the top ten international designers of 2019, declares that “we are facing a new era”.

After a year and a half of the COVID pandemic, the return of wallpapers is one of the favorite trends of interior designers, home improvement experts who create a better living and working environment.

Venezuelan Guimar Urbina, chosen in Belgium as one of the ten best international designers of 2019, declares that “we are facing a new era for wallpapers”.

“It’s an industry that has evolved a lot. Now it is more modern and environmentally sustainable. They even provide fire protection, ”Urbina explained in Miami, the city where she has lived for more than twenty years.

After the end of confinement, the demand to renovate the interior of the houses has multiplied. “It’s because people have understood that there is nothing like home, and when needed, the best thing to do is to have all the comforts at home to be able to work and also relax. “, explains the expert.

Guimar Urbina recently appeared on HGTV’s Discovery Hogar’s “Designer at home” show, where she guided different families in renovating their homes. Two of these projects were based on wallpapers.

Here are the advantages of wallpaper over traditional paint, according to the expert:

– It offers texture and design that paint could never achieve

– It has greater durability than paint and reduces maintenance costs

– It is easy to clean.

Guimar Urbina has become one of South Florida’s most renowned modern interior designers. Its projects extend to the United States, Europe and South America. In 2009, she opened her interior design firm “KIS Interior Design”, specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects. She also has her own business, Guimar Urbina Interiors, where renovation projects reflect the changing style in the market. She graduated from the Miami Art Institute, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design. She also attended International Fine Art College and obtained an Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising.

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