Pittston native works alongside rapper for interior design show

A Pittston native has become a force on network television using her talent for interior design and working alongside some of the biggest stars in the world.

PITTSTON, Pennsylvania – Her name is Anitra Mecadon. She has done a lot in her 15+ years as an interior designer in various parts of the country and credits her upbringing in northeast Pennsylvania to her work ethic and creativity.

Now she’s on a new show with a Grammy-winning star, helping to transform people’s homes and lives.

GRAMMY award-winning producer, rapper and DJ Lil’ Jon and Anitra Mecadon are the newest dynamic duo in the world of home improvement.

The couple have teamed up on this new HGTV series titled Lil Jon wants to do what? This is one of many national shows that Anitra, a popular designer and expert builder, has appeared on. She is a television host who has never forgotten where she comes from.

Anita’s NEPA roots:

“I actually grew up in Pittston, Pennsylvania. I went to Pittston Area High School, University of Scranton, and believe it or not, I’ve wanted to do DIY TV ever since. that I am a child,” Anita said.

So, after learning a lot about set design at the University of Scranton, Anitra finally moved to Atlanta about 20 years ago.

One of his first TV design gigs was on “MegaDens” for the DIY Network. She’s done a number of other shows since then before her most recent role with Lil’ Jon.

“We started working together five years ago to work on his own house, and now he’s my business partner,” Anita said.

While Anitra’s husband, Adam, and son, Nash, are perhaps her biggest fans, she has quite a large family in our area who always cheer her on, including parents Patty and Charlie who dig the their daughter’s new show.

“I love it. I love it. It’s exciting to see her come in. Every time I see her. I’m amazed because I know her talent, I know her abilities, and yet she always thinks outside the box “, said Patty.

“I’ll tell you a lot of people think it’s just the show, but behind the show she does a lot of physical labor and a lot of the building herself,” Charlie said.

Work ethic:

Long days and an uninterrupted work ethic are things that Anitra attributes to her roots.

“You know, growing up in northeast AP, you have to have thick skin first, right? In our neck of the wood. You have to know how to take a punch. I don’t don’t mean physically. I just mean in life, like you learn how to dust your knees, get up and start running again,” Anita said. where we come from, there are hard workers and everyone is home and family, and there is a sense of pride in the physical work, in the work that you do. And so I feel like that’s one of our hallmarks. I don’t just stick lipstick on a pig and call it a day for TV. I make sure these homes are beautiful and that they will stand the test of time and that the work we do is on point so there is quality control I really feel like I don’t know if I would have been asshole know if I hadn’t grown up where I grew up.”

When Anitra returns to our area to visit family and friends, she stays at her childhood home in Pittston Township.

Of course, she always takes the time to source her favorite local dishes.

“I miss pizza. Really good pizza,” she added. “I’m an Italian from northeast Pennsylvania.”

While Ryan Leckey had the attention of this Luzerne County native, he just had to go.

“So you designed houses and remodeled houses on national television. What would you do with my office?” Ryan asked.

“Your energy is delicious and contagious. And so for me, the first thing that looks at your office is that my boy needs some color. Alright. Alright,” Anita replied.

“I need paint on the wall,” Ryan added.

“You need a little color!” Anita exclaimed.

Color and creativity:

Color and creativity is now what this Northeast AP native continues to bring to so many nationwide. From Pittston Area High School cheerleader captain to being featured in Times Square to now a new TV show with a Grammy-winning artist.

Anitra Mecadon continues to spark, and as she continues to grow her career, she has never forgotten her foundation built in northeast Pennsylvania.

And Anitra’s message to future interior designers and rock star home improvement gurus is to follow your instincts and follow your heart.

She says her parents’ dreams of being a doctor were gone once she got a hammer in her hand, but as you can see, it looks like she’s doing just fine.

How to watch:

The series premiered on Monday, May 2 at 10 p.m. HGTV and each episode is available to stream on Discovery+ Monday.

Social media:

Fans are invited to connect with Lil Jon wants to do what? on HGTV’s digital platforms. Viewers can follow @HGTV and #LilJonWantsToDoWhat on Facebook, Twitter, instagramand ICT Tac for additional show content and updates. Fans can also follow Lil Jon (@liljon) and Anita (@anitramecadon) on Instagram.

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