OpenSolar and Segen launch a smart system for designing, proposing and ordering solar equipment

Platform integration enables UK solar installers to create the most accurate solar designs and proposals available, with intelligent equipment matching, stock availability and ordering

OpenSolar Inc, a software company focused on empowering solar installers with the world’s most accurate and completely free solar design and sales platform, and Segen, the UK’s leading distributor of solar power, energy storage energy and electric vehicle charging, today announced a first of its – a platform integration partnership that offers UK solar installers unrivaled solar equipment design, sales and ordering software.

The integration between OpenSolar and Segen creates a completely seamless experience between designing and selling a system to a customer, and ordering the exact equipment required within seconds of the sale. Available now, UK solar professionals can benefit from intelligent suggestions for optimal inverters and battery sizes based on the design being created, as well as an automatically calculated bill of materials containing solar components, racks , storage and other necessary for the system sold. The integration will even provide a real-time view of equipment availability and delivery dates.

“Our aim with our partners at Segen is to create an incredibly seamless and simple process for designing, selling and ordering equipment for UK solar professionals,” said Andrew Birch, co-founder of OpenSolar. . “Profitable growth for a solar installer is all about saving time, competitive equipment pricing, and speed of installation. This integration requires multiple steps in the process for the installer to help make it a reality.”

“Segen’s Quick Quote software provides 24/7 live pricing and real-time product availability. So it’s fantastic to connect it so seamlessly to OpenSolar,” said Liz MacFarlane, CEO of Segen. “From smart design to proposal, from sale to ordering equipment and finally installation, this takes the speed and efficiency of UK installers to the next level.”

From June 9, UK solar professionals can visit to learn more about this new feature, connect their accounts and dramatically simplify their design-to-installation workflow. ‘facility.

This latest innovation from OpenSolar and Segen follows significant achievements by both companies. In November 2021, OpenSolar announced the results of independent third-party evaluations that validated the unparalleled accuracy of its solar design tool. In March 2022, Segen announced the launch of its new Back to Basics training series to further support new market entrants and existing professionals looking to add renewable technologies to their offerings at a time when demand for energy renewables in the UK is soaring.

About OpenSolar

OpenSolar was launched in 2019 with a mission to scale solar power globally by providing installers with innovative software technology and an equally innovative business offering – the world’s first completely free design and sales platform. Solar installers can use OpenSolar’s end-to-end platform to manage and grow their business in one place with best-in-class solar design accuracy, interactive custom proposals, and a portfolio of financing options, fully integrated products and services. OpenSolar is based in Sydney, Australia, with remote offices in the US, Europe and the UK. For more information, visit

About Segen

Segen is a leading global wholesale distributor of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy storage, electric vehicle charging and other related components. The company has grown rapidly since its establishment in the UK in 2005. Since 2005, Segen has grown from its UK base to a globally recognized brand focused on providing an unrivaled product portfolio at fair prices.