MyCarrier launches a new TMS offer

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MyCarrier, a transportation management system (TMS) provider, recently announced today that it has expanded its flagship TMS, adding three additional packages to its carrier-sponsored standard plan: Startup, Growth and Enterprise. The shipping management platform will now offer powerful new features and capabilities to better meet customer demands and needs.

“Our customers expect an easy-to-use, highly reliable platform,” said Michael Bookout, co-founder and CEO of MyCarrier. “We will continue to strengthen our carrier partners, while investing and innovating in the MyCarrierTMS application. Our MyCarrierTMS Pro launch is our next step in meeting shippers’ needs and will come in our full subscription plans. MyCarrierTMS Pro subscribers will have access to unrivaled shipping management technology, valuable insights and advanced analytics, all at a very competitive price.

According to Scott Madsen, Head of Supply Chain, Inland Freight and Logistics at Malouf, “MyCarrier has continued to deliver value. We save money and time, while reducing risk in our shipping needs. »

MyCarrierTMS still offers the traditional carrier-sponsored option at no cost. The new package, known as MyCarrierTMS Pro, allows customers to upgrade to paid plans that better suit the individual shipping management needs of their business. These subscription plans offer additional opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce risk and will include highly innovative technology like ERP integration, invoice auditing, external shipment tracking, advanced analytics, outbound collection and more.

March 12, 2022

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