My passion project: Interior design


I think a lot of us have this vested interest that if we weren’t pursuing a certain line of work or in that area now, we would be doing something else. Mine would be interior design. I’ve always been fascinated by DIY shows or even home-finding shows that show you all the details buyers are looking for and what makes the house they’re looking at stand out from the rest. What I love most about interior design and interior design in general is the ability you have to make it your own and create your sense of style that showcases who you are. The interior design is full of chalk inspiration. Whether it’s the shows you see, the TikToks you browse, or the Pinterest boards you create for the ultimate dream home, this is a place to let your imagination run wild.

I started by creating Pinterest boards years ago. Mine ranged from unique rooms in the house like theater rooms, craft rooms, secret rooms hidden behind what looked like a shelf or paint just to hide something special that visitors don’t know about, able to have a space that is transformed into a huge walk-in closet full of organization. It gave you the idea that everything is possible in one room, but it all depends on what you find useful for yourself or your family and maybe what gives your home that “wow” factor that everyone world has not. With Pinterest, just typing in houses, I had so much to work with. Color palettes, design types ranging from modern to rustic, and even planned layouts give you an idea of ​​what the perfect plan for your dream home would be.

Another way to find inspiration is through interior design shows. Currently, I love watching Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. They have different families or couples who come to the show looking for a home that suits their needs, whether it’s somewhere closer to work or school districts or a certain neighborhood in which they want to be. They are then taken to three different locations, some requiring a lot of work inside and out, others requiring minimal work. Depending on the client’s budget, Chip and Joanna determine what their renovations can be used for and how they can use the space by removing some walls to increase the size of the kitchen or adding a room to create a home office. When the clients decide on the new dream home, the Gaineses get to work creating the dream home for the family. They include them in the design of the house but also make it a surprise with the big reveal at the end. If I weren’t majoring in nutrition, I’d probably aspire to be Joanna Gaines with her rustic appeal to design.

My design ideas have evolved over the years to what I consider to be the ultimate dream home. The best part about it is that the styles can evolve and change as often as you want. Your home is ultimately like the other wardrobe presented to you, your family, and your friends when they come to your home. The freedom of creative expression is so much fun and makes me want to push the creative boundaries to one day have a uniquely styled home.