Mr. Kate’s designers discuss their early days in the interior design industry

They say if you find something you like, you won’t work a day in your life. That can certainly be said for Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, who have cultivated lucrative careers and amassed millions of followers by simply being themselves. During our exclusive interview with the couple, Albrecht revealed that Mr. Kate’s interior design blog debut “started as a passion project” and grew with time and care. It certainly didn’t hurt the creative duo, besides, blogging was all the rage at the time.

“It was really the heyday of the blogging era,” Albrecht told us. “I had a line of jewelry that I sold on Etsy, and then I started a website, and basically the blog chronicled my creative process.” As the site grew, Albrecht realized that if she combined her creativity with her tangible skills – like she had attended film school – she could really be onto something.

In her YouTube debut, Albrecht created and posted videos on the platform so she could embed the filmed content on her blog. Not realizing then that the videos themselves were organic content on YouTube, Albrecht told us she was amazed by the reach and destination of YouTube as a social platform. Speaking about the comments section of his early videos, Albrecht said, “I got such active, real-time feedback from people on projects they liked, and that’s really how we were able to.. .refining all this creative bubble that I had going on.”