More and more studies claim indomethacin is better for managing Covid-19 | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Over a year ago, city doctors and a team of scientists from IIT-Madras said that indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), not only provides relief faster symptomatic in Covid-19 patients when given with standard care, but also prevents pneumonia progression and death.
A series of evidence from different studies around the world has now reinforced the use of the drug instead of paracetamol in Covid-19 patients.

Studies published in countries like the United States, Korea and Iran have highlighted the positive benefits of the drug, which costs less than $ 5, in Covid-19 patients since May 2020. An earlier study by Dr. Ravichandrans with 72 patients in 2020 published in the Journal of the Indian Medical Association has been listed by the WHO. The 2021 study by doctors at the Panimalar Medical College and Research Institute is listed by Cochrane.
“We know very little about the new omicron variant, but we are confident that this drug will work. So far it has worked against all variants, ”said senior nephrologist Dr Rajan Ravichandran of MIOT, who has published at least two research papers on the drug’s effectiveness in Covid-19 patients. While the ICMR has yet to recognize the drug as a treatment option, organizations such as the WHO and Cochrane have listed the studies on their web pages.
According to Professor Krishnakumar R of the IIT-M Technical Design Department, the drug prevents hospitalization and complications in several patients. Physicians and policy makers should consider using indomethacin as the first-line treatment for paracetamol when there is no contraindication to its use. “It’s efficient and affordable for patients. ”
In the recent study, doctors from the Panimalar Medical College and Research Institute administered indomethacin to 102 patients and paracetamol to 108 patients and monitored the patient’s complete profile as well as daily clinical parameters. Doctors found that in the indomethacin group, none of the 102 patients had developed desaturation requiring a high flow of oxygen. In contrast, 20 patients in the paracetamol arm developed desaturation. The case files showed that the patients on indomethacin recovered quickly.
The analysis also showed that 56 out of 108 patients in the paracetamol group had fever on the seventh day, while no one recorded fever in the indomethacin arm. Follow-up on the 14th day showed that patients in the paracetamol arm had several ailments, including muscle pain, joint pain and fatigue, while patients in the indomethacin arm complained only of fatigue.
“Unlike any other study, all clinical details of 210 patients in anonymized form are in the medical records. It’s there in the public domain for everyone to see, ”Krishnakumar said.