Middleburg Introduces ‘Civic Relaxed’ or ‘Country Chic’ Design Proposal for New Town Hall | New


By the end of 2022, residents of the town of Middleburg will likely have a new town hall, located on the same site on Marshall Street where the current building is located.

On March 15, city officials and a team of design contractors held a public briefing to discuss proposals for a new $ 6.5 million, 13,000 square foot city hall, which would house the police department, the city council chamber, a public meeting space and offices for city staff.

Middleburg Mayor Bridge Littleton said the concept behind the effort to build a new town hall had been discussed for many years, including during the planning stages of the Salamander Resort in 2004.

In addition to serving as combined offices for city staff and the police department, the vision and goal of the project is to create a community space to host small group meetings and serve as a polling station on Election Day. Littleton said.

The land will also provide an open city green space where the community can attend events such as outdoor concerts, July 4th festivities and a farmers market.

There will also be an expanded car park with 48 parking spaces and public toilets.

The existing 2,000-square-foot municipal office building is 50 years old, Littleton said, and the current police headquarters are in a separate 2,300-square-foot building on Federal Street behind the post office.

“There is a definite need,” he said. “It has served us wonderfully, but Middleburg has changed. “

“The services we offer have been updated and extended; we went from a workforce of 3.5 to 14.5.

According to Littleton, the current building has limited accessibility for people with disabilities and is plagued by leaks, cracks and mold. .

“We would like to have a safe working environment for city staff,” he said.

In 2018, the city began working on a space needs analysis to examine what staff, community, and city council envisioned for the new city hall.

“We’re leading this whole effort as a citywide team,” Littleton said. “All of the board members are intimately integrated into how this unfolds. “

“We are your elected representatives and we are accountable to you,” he said.

A design team was hired on December 23 to provide an initial concept.

City officials considered eight different locations for the new building, but ultimately decided that the best approach was to use the land where the current Town Hall is located and extend that footprint with the land provided by Salamander Resort.

Littleton said that in 2004, when Salamander Resort was in its planning phase, the company agreed to provide the city with a site for the municipal office.

The building will have entrances on Marshall Street, Pendleton Street and a future street that will be accessible from Pendleton Street.

City chief executive Danny Davis said the council launched a strategic finance committee in 2019 to discuss issues related to the city’s health and fiscal strength.

The committee determined that the new town hall could be funded without any impact on the town’s residential taxes, Davis said.

According to Davis, the city’s finances have remained strong even during the pandemic.

City officials are currently working with councilors to examine financing options for the project, which will be reviewed and discussed with city council.

Davis said the current $ 6.5 million budget is under development and should change. He said there are a number of cash and grant funding options and believes there will be a small grant from Loudoun County to help fund the project.

The city hired the firm Downey and Scott in Warrenton to be the project manager with a contract of $ 417,770, and two design firms РGlav̩ & Holmes which partnered with Creech & Associates for a contract of $ 671,800. .

Andrew Moore, director of Glavé & Holmes, described the building’s design character as “civic-relaxed” or “country-chic”, with porch-shaped elements and columns.

It will be a low-profile one-story building, he said.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the delivery process for a new city hall,” said Moore. “We fell in love with the city”

“It’s a timeless design,” he said.

The building will include a number of sustainability features that are still under discussion and review at a later date, he said.

Moore explained that the current municipal office building will likely remain in place until the new building is completed, so municipal staff can continue to work in the same location and only need to move once. . The current building will then be demolished.

The next steps for the project are to complete the design development by the end of May, and then the city will hold another public meeting in June. A call for tenders for construction bids will be issued this fall. The building’s inauguration is scheduled for January 2022 with the goal of completing it within one year.


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