Metal in Croatian interior design

“Metal has been and remains an irreplaceable material in interior design.” We spoke with Mihoković Metal Solutions about their recent collaboration with Croatian product designers.

Increasingly used, metal has become an indispensable complement to wood, which remains the predominant material for interior decoration.

Although metal is used sparingly in interiors, the tendency to combine it with other materials largely depends on the design, processing and quality of the metal parts. Furniture elements such as handles and legs, decorative elements, lighting fixtures, etc. can have an incredible impact on the final impression of a product and, therefore, on an entire interior.

Croatian designers are more inclined towards local manufacturing, and Mihoković Metal Solutions turned out to be the right address for the production of bespoke parts for their concepts.

“We have a long history of collaborating with designers and companies that supply products for luxury brands. The quality of the materials used, the production process and the finish are essential to succeed in such a market,” says Marina Mihokovic Dvorskisales manager at Mihoković Metal Solutions.

Marina Mihokovic Dvorski (Photo: Marko Cuculic)

Notice how the careful processing of the metal parts impacts the final product. Here are some of the successful collaborations between Mihoković Metal Solutions and Croatian designers in creating commendable products.

Running a family business in times of economic change - we spoke with Croatian metal fabrication and processing company Mihoković Metal Solutions

(Photo: Marko Cuculic)

Running a family business in times of economic change - we spoke with Croatian metal fabrication and processing company Mihoković Metal Solutions

(Photo: Marko Cuculic)

MILLA & MILLI by Mundus Viridis

Milla & Milli, a brand of Croatian wood processing company Mundus Viridis, uses metal as a substructure and for additional parts in almost all of its wood products as a base material.

All Milla & Milli production is based in Croatia and Mihoković Metal Solutions is their long-time partner for the production of metal parts.

“Metal is not only a logical choice, but also the best option available. In addition to high load-bearing capacity and adaptability to different product requirements, high-quality processing supports the outstanding design of an end product. It is extremely important to us that the parts we incorporate are of top quality and Mihoković Metal Solutions has proven to be exactly that,” explain the designers of this collection.


Closed, the PIA kitchen looks like a living room unit with integrated TV and recessed shelf area, ideal for showcasing a small sculpture. The television and its electrical outlets are integrated into the hinged support of the door. In addition to saving space, it is also possible to orient the TV screen at an angle of up to 180 degrees.

Marina Mihoković Dvorski explains the manufacturing process itself: “During production, there is always a certain flexibility and adaptation to the concept that is offered to us by a designer or a company. Laser cutting technology offers us many possibilities, as well as our shape bending machines and tools of course. In addition, the joining parts must be invisible, which is achieved by sanding the joints later in the production process. Mmetal lamination offers countless color options as well as glossy, matte, smooth and textured surface effects.

We asked the designers about their choice of materials for this project.

“The use of metal in the design of the PIA pull-out kitchen was not unintentional. The idea was to create an innovative, simple, functional, high quality and visually discreet product, and the choice of metal as the base material contributed to all the desired characteristics,” share the designers of the DizzConcept collective.

When asked what they would highlight about working with Mihoković Metal Solutionsthey draw attention to environmental sustainability on both sides involved in the production process.

“We are focused on continuous improvement in environmental protection and pollution prevention while creating innovative solutions for small spaces. Working with a local metal fabricator on this project allowed us to achieve a high level of efficiency in the use of natural resources and to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the production process,” DizzConcept collective additions.


Another of Mihoković Metal Solutions’ collaborations with designers brings an interesting piece of all-metal home decor.

Tovar is a minimalist reworking of a traditional wooden Mediterranean souvenir. It is available in purple, yellow and blue, and the design is from Jasmina K. Pahic by KPdizajn.

“We are primarily an interior design studio, but we also work on product design, mainly decorative items,” says Jasmina, a Croatian designer with an address in Koper, Slovenia.

“I designed several metal objects. I like to explore the various possibilities of this material. I am mainly impressed with its durability and longevity. When you work with a material, you learn over time how it behaves, what its processing methods are, what you can do with it, and then your design adapts to those properties,” she adds.

We also asked Jasmina how she chose a Croatian manufacturer for this metal ornament.

“For any designer, it is extremely important to find the right manufacturing partners to bring a concept to life. Our new Tovar series was made at Mihoković Metal Solutions, and regarding the collaboration – all I can say is that Tovar and I finally found our place.”


Kolekcija DOT sastoji se od dva pomoćna stolića različitih dimenzija i boja, koji se mogu kombinirati ili koristiti zasebno, ovisno o prostoru. DOT pomoćni stolići zamišljeni su kao nastavak Grupine kolekcije rasvjetnih tijela, dijeleći njihov vizualni stil i karakter.

The DOT collection consists of two side tables in different sizes and colors. Combined or placed separately, how the tables will be installed depends on the space in which they are located. DOT side tables share the visual style and character of Grupa’s lighting design, acting as an extension of their previous collections.

DOT is an example of using metal as the base material and – in the case of this model – the only material. Their distinctive character has been achieved with a metal substructure supporting an aluminum plate.

“Our tendency to use metal in the design of our products has been present since the very beginning of our work as professionals. Metal ultimately reduces the amount of elements needed to design a product. For this reason, it serves as the material most compatible with what we consider to be the key characteristics that a product must meet. We apply our many years of working with this material – acquired knowledge, models and procedures – to the design and development of new products,” Tihana Taraba of Grupa tells us.

We asked the manufacturer what was most important to him when creating such products.

“Attention to detail is important during the engineering phase of preparation, as well as in all other stages of production. Handling the parts at the production plant, carrying out inspections during each process and ensuring details such as precision in the assembly of the parts and the final protection, i.e. the packaging of the finished product – these factors make the difference,” says Marina Mihokovic Dvorski.

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