Marsai Martin Talks New Teen Interior Design Series “Remix My Space” And Bedroom Revamping On A Budget

With the last season of Blackish aeration, Marsai Martin embarks on new projects.

The actress/producer shares her passion for interior design with her fans through her new series Discovery+ Remix my space.

The show follows Martin as she surprises some amazing teens with a personalized bedroom makeover. By meeting teenagers in their garden, at school or in a local park, Martin gives them the news of a lifetime by offering his services to remix their rooms.

Those who receive the room renovations are young people nominated by their peers who are making a positive impact in their communities. Teenagers get their hands dirty doing everything from sending cancer care packages to feeding the homeless or teaching children how to prepare healthy meals.

Martin serves as an executive producer on the eight-episode series and leads renovation projects alongside the carpenter Joanie Sprague and designer Tiffany Thompson to create jaw-dropping redesigns that reflect every teen’s interests, individuality, personality and style.

With Martin having a natural hack for renovating spaces, she’s excited to share her generation.

“I love interior design, it’s always been one of my passions, and any way I can express my creativity, I’m just going to go ahead and do it,” Martin told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I always knew with my production company that I really wanted to make a show around interior design and just decorating fun and cool stuff,” she continued. “I never saw anything in this circle that was for kids, exactly.

On the show, Martin has the pleasure of working with experienced design teams who tear down walls to rebuild entire rooms. For kids looking to remix their own space without breaking their parent’s wallet, the Little star had some ingenious suggestions.

“I feel like the organization is a really big thing,” Martin said. “I don’t think you really need anything for that.” If you need to use different boxes and DIY, you can do it.

“I think it’s about getting creative and figuring out what you like, or reusing something that’s been used for something different.”

Martin could use the show to prepare for the interior design business that she says is “absolutely” underway.

“My main goal is to try everything and get into it and have fun while doing it,” she said. “So that’s definitely one thing that’s high on my list that I want to accomplish.”

Marsai Martin’s new show Remix my space will be available for flux to Discovery+ Saturday 15 January.