Marble Falls City Council Approves Park Design Proposal | the mountaineer

Members of Marble Falls City Council approved a proposal on October 18 for final planning and design services for the planned development of Park View Park.

Board members reviewed, debated and reached agreement on a proposal from Luck’s design team for planning and final design services for the upgrades in an amount not to exceed $95,750, according to city ​​officials.

Council members approved the design by adding the expansion of the parking lot to 10 parking spaces and concrete in the interior path from the parking lot to the restrooms, according to city documents.

Park View Park is an 11.9 acre undeveloped park parcel located on the corner of Park View and Park Ridge Road. The dirt track is the largest undeveloped park in the city and is located in the northeast part of the community. Other than Villa Vista Park, Park View is the only other park on the east side of 281 for the community. A conceptual design was created as part of the 2017 Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Master Plan Update; and was listed in the city’s five-year capital improvement plan for construction.

In early 2021, the Parks Advisory Board, City Council and staff engaged in a dialogue at open meetings (a joint workshop with the board and council and several board meetings) to discuss whether the findings of the park charrette 2016 design were still applicable to the needs of the community. It was concluded that a re-survey had to take place, before proceeding with the design of the park, as well as additional engineering was necessary in order to make the project “ready to start”. Therefore, at the April 19, 2022 City Council meeting, Council approved a design and engineering contract for Luck Design to create an updated master plan for Park View Park. The initial service contract included:

• Topographic survey and boundaries

• Community engagement through public meetings

• Creation and dissemination of citizen surveys

• Due diligence and conceptual design development

• Development of the schematic plan (30%) Public comments were received through the following means:

• Public meeting – Monday, May 12 – Council room

• Joint Workshop with Parks and Recs – Monday, June 13 – Council Room

• Parks and Recreation Meeting – Monday, August 22 – Council Chamber Members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, staff and the consultant worked together incorporating feedback from the public meetings and survey to develop the design proposed concept for Park View Park. The design was presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission on August 22 and approved 4-1.