Maingear CEO Patents Gaming PC Innovation That Dramatically Simplifies Cable Management


We recently learned about Gigabyte’s beautiful Aorus Project Stealth PC concept, with the connectors and cable routing moved behind the motherboard deck, in what appeared to be a truly innovative gaming desktop design with better airflow and an easier building process. However, it appears that Main equipment patented the design 10 years ago and launched a number of partners at the time. So, what gives? Has Maingear been scammed? And is it the efficient, ultra-clean new PC of the future?

Show Notes:

06:43 – Meeting with Maingear CEO Wallace Santos
14:01 – Visit of the Maingear BITD installation (link in the chat)
14:33 – What makes a Maingear PC different
17:24 – Discussion on Wallace’s patent
24:25 – How did the partners react to the pitch?
27:15 – “Show us the business case”
29:30 – The reaction to Gigabyte’s escape

35:11 – PC builders must talk to the customer
36:03 – What would this patent do to save time?
40:51 – Did you keep repeating these ideas?
47:36 – Why did Mobo and the chassis manufacturers not get on board?
49:21 – What problems were encountered while building a prototype?
52:50 – Why don’t we do this?
56:35 – Was Gigabyte’s leak a good thing?
58:13 – Tell us what else Maingear is doing …
59:58 – When will the shortages end?