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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 5: Interior decoration is one of the most important developments noticed in the history of mankind. It defines, organizes and reaffirms everyone’s way of life and culture. Over the past 3 decades, a lot of hard work has gone into structuring the technical aspects to make this module durable, affordable and reliable for its users. Each interior design concept commemorates the lifestyle of our ancestors, which reminds us of the heritage and traditions followed.

At Magnon Interiors, we clearly write a unique story for each home with a lot of passion and expertise. 10 years ago, Magnon’s story began manufacturing compact modular kitchens and cabinets; Today, the design team manages almost 40+ end-to-end projects with 16 different concepts each month. The advantage behind hiring an interior designer is not only to beautify the aesthetics of the house but also the most important person who understands the complete requirement to meet all the basic needs in defining home furniture. This process increases the efficiency of comfortable living and organizes the space well.

Now let’s talk about the design of the house. The most important aspect of achieving a well-designed home is to follow basic design principles. When followed, there are about 6 rules that can deliver well-designed interiors in any space. 1]Spatial layout – Space planning is of the highest degree of importance. The key aspect of any successful design is to properly plan the layout arrangement. It’s about creating a concept showing the relevance between each piece of furniture and the right circulation corridor to move around. It avoids creating clutter in the arrangement of furniture and disturbances in the movement around the space. 2]Rhythm – Rhythm is about repeating design elements that help create movement in a space – this principle gives the understanding of organizing the form, contrast and balance of furniture evenly throughout the space. ‘space. After choosing the style of the interiors, it is very important to know exactly where to repeat the concept to achieve a uniformly designed space. Too much repetition or less can always ruin the concept, so understanding this principle always helps create the perfect balance in design. 3]Proportion – Proportion plays an important role in understanding the symmetry of space. Any drafted design must clearly conform to the understanding of the scale of the object. Consistent planning requires a clear understanding of furniture weight balance. The height, width and depth of each product should be clearly planned to highlight the design pattern creating a balanced layout. For example, the level of detail could also involve the floor mat under the seats, its contrast and the amount of offset it takes around the furniture. In this example, the highlighter would be the floor mat and the highlighted element in the design is the seat itself. With this example, what you need to understand is the thought process of connecting the dimensions of each piece of furniture so that they complement each other. 4]Contrast–To create a bold and interesting space, it is very important to create contrast between objects; this can be done using colors, texture and also with the help of transparency in an object. Contrast in an element represents prominence and creates a focal point in space. For example, adding texture to subtle furniture highlights the intricate details induced in its design. Most interior design styles require a focal point that helps spruce up the concept itself; this is when the induction of color is of great importance. It could be walls, pillows on a couch, or any type of padding in the space. Minor details included can still be highlighted with a higher contrast of the colors used. It helps to show the occupancy of the furniture, and also, most of the themes can only be achieved with the hue property of the furniture and decor used. The transparency of any material can be contrasted with an old material; it elevates the feeling of luxury in the given space. 5]Emphasis – It is very important to follow this principle to create visual impact in any interior. After understanding the layout, a designer should always highlight a particular area by creating a very dynamic focal point, and this is done especially in areas that do not contain much functional furniture, which in turn becomes the highlight. Highlighting an area is mostly done with wall colors, large abstract portraits, wall paintings with intricate detail and focus lights. Such designs are showpieces where a visitor understands the importance of the subject that the owner is trying to promote with his lifestyle. 6]Balance – This principle deals with visual perfection in creating space. For a balanced design, it is very necessary to understand the balance of the weight of the furniture in the three dimensions width, height and depth. For example, when designing a TV display unit, we need to understand the size of a TV, its intended closest leveling, and the available wall space. The size of the device should have a certain relationship with the proportion of the size of the cabinet. A very small TV in a large display unit can look very blunt given its proportion. It is when additional properties need to be induced into the design that the unit appears symmetrically balanced. The same example offsetting center TV could also help achieve balance on its scale. The current and future of furniture execution in interior design is entirely dependent on the aspect of modular engineering. At Interiors Magnon, we use world-class equipment directly imported from Germany. After years of study, we have understood the exact requirement of the raw material and its construction aspects with which we are able to give very durable and reliable furniture. With immense knowledge of both design and manufacturing, we are called the best interior designers and manufacturers in Bangalore by all our clients. As an ISO certified company, Magnon Interiors has executed over 2500 projects in Bangalore with a success rate of 99%. This article aims to promote knowledge on how to select the right interior design company with its vast knowledge of design and engineering.


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