Luxury Antonovich Design radiates sophistication in luxury interior design – News

Under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, the world leader in architecture and interior design has reached the heights of success

Luxury Antonovich Design, the Dubai-based company has amazed the world with its miraculous work leading to several satisfied customers. With 20 years of exclusive experience, he has forged an excellent reputation in the creation of architectural and interior design masterpieces.

By handling world-class projects, he has built a reputation for trusting in creating the perfect luxurious interior and exterior styles, which delight viewers with his expert architecture. Luxury Antonovich Design offers its services in the Middle East, USA, Nigeria and Russia. While its head office is in Dubai, Miami and London.

Luxury Antonovich Design has a who’s who clientele and is renowned among elite personalities, VIPs, top world leaders, royal families, large investors and businessmen who have been nurtured by exclusive service and expertise. ‘a dazzling result. It has gained popularity for creating the most luxurious projects internationally.

What sets Luxury Antonovich Design apart from others is its unusual creativity, adding unbeatable world-class luxury designs that have been observed by several satisfied customers across the globe. However, its miracles lie in the founder of Luxury Antonovich Design who is an extremely innovative and extraordinary interior designer named Katrina Antonovich. The designer of the future who makes the world shine with her miraculous talent.

Katrina also owns the largest luxury furniture in Dubai called KA Luxury which is well known for its exclusive services. Luxury Antonovich Design understands clients’ needs and works to create a story for their memories. Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in villa interior design, villa, apartment and office layout service, while adding a more elegant look, it also deals with furniture, light and fittings. accessories.

In addition, landscaping adds more value to the property, which is why the team of experts takes care to showcase it everywhere. On the other hand, it never compromises on the look and offers an extremely satisfactory result.

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