interior design course prepares Portage students for a popular and stable job market | Education


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“I think everyone likes their personal space to be special, and while they aren’t the most visual they have special interests and they should know how to put colors together or how to give a space more energy, more calm, “said Harvey.” They will go to their dorms and apartments and they will know how to make their space more special. “

Careers in interior design range from residential and commercial designers to visual merchandisers, store planners, graphic designers and project managers, among others.

“Interior design is currently one of the best areas for creative people in terms of job stability and earning potential as residential and business customers look to improve their physical spaces,” Ziehen said. She noted that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics calculates the median salary for the field at $ 51,500. There are 11 colleges in Wisconsin that offer interior design programs, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW-Stevens Point, and Madison College.

“I want to teach children to make their living environment a comfortable place,” said Ziehen, who taught art in high school for seven years and taught art at Bartels Middle School for 23 years.

The ground rules for interior design include the concept of displaying odd-numbered items, Ziehen said – how a series of three items looks better than two or four. The course, which is still in development, is also expected to teach students to be more resourceful, involving possible lesson plans like buying an item for $ 5 or less, refurbishing it, and fitting it into a space.


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