Interior Design and digby launch the Metaverse Architecture and Design Awards – COOL HUNTING®

Marking a first for the design industry, Interior design and to dig launched a rewards program specifically designed for the Metaverse. Currently open for submissions, the Metaverse Architecture and Design Award (MAD) will recognize and solidify the burgeoning creative community within the new digital space. In eight categories – Metaverse Destination, Impossible Physics, Workplace Extension, Digital Twinning, Immersive Digital Art, AI-Generated Design, Unreal Advertising, Students and Blockchain Technology (NFTs) – as well as non-built and built-for-commercial, residential , hospitality, and experiential projects and products, MAD is a far-reaching program that seeks to honor a new frontier in design.

“Why now?” asks Cindy Allen, editor of Interior Design. “If web2 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to be ahead! We see this as a significant opportunity to move the industry forward and raise the profile of the designers, brands and creators who are already experimenting and activating here. Our priority is to shine a light on great design everywhere… in any universe!

Applications, open through December 21, are eligible for all architecture, design and manufacturing professionals, businesses or companies using 3D tools or building for web3 and metaverse. Students are also eligible, as long as they are in an academic program, whether it is graduate, undergraduate, vocational, online or high school. The cost of hall varies by time of submission and category, with an early bird rate (now through November 27) of $250, a student rate of $25, and $299 for all others.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of esteemed designers, web3 luminaries and industry professionals who are looking for “projects, products and spaces that not only inspire and impress us, but also demonstrate significant innovation in design. architecture and design that push us into the future”. “, Allen tells us. “Whether it’s the most revolutionary architecture of an existing metaverse, an unreal advertisement of out-of-this-world products, or an unconstructed three-dimensional space that showcases the excellence in creativity, we want to see work in the metaverse that will inspire the industry.”

Finalists will be notified in February 2023 and the awards ceremony will take place on a collaborative community platform‘s metaverse, which is another first for the industry.

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