I’m an interior design pro – how to make your home look expensive and not spend a fortune with the ‘Plazacore’ decorating trend

The sleek and opulent aesthetic sensibilities of New York’s Plaza Hotel are having a viral moment, as Gossip Girl-inspired outfits enter the fashion world and Eloise’s holiday specials return to television.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to outfit your home like a luxury hotel suite – just follow the advice of an interior expert.


Viral New Trend ‘Plazacore’ Hits Home Decor StyleCredit: Getty
Pale and neutral interiors, unique mirrors and luxury fabrics are part of the Plazacore look


Pale and neutral interiors, unique mirrors and luxury fabrics are part of the Plazacore lookCredit: Getty

According to house experts at Domino, recreating the look of the iconic hotel at home is a great way to transition into the next season.

“The on-trend aesthetic is the preppy, crystal-covered, velvet-covered answer to the summer season of linen slipcovers and blushing color palettes,” the pros wrote.

And you don’t have to go broke on five-star prices to bring home the look, either. Start with your entry – or should we say foyer?

“Set the tone with a casual taupe on the walls that evokes understated glamor and a sense of calm,” the design professionals said.

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If taupe is too boring, you can also opt for wallpaper – to get the Plaza look, look for a thin, sleek stripe. Of course, with either option, you can use red accents to make the room look more playful.

To make your entryway feel less like a mudroom and more like a hotel lobby, place a delicate side table right inside so guests have an immediate place to put their belongings.

If you want a special touch when hosting, you can place patterned coasters and “welcome drinks” on a tray on the side table and get your party or gathering started.

Use trays in the bathroom too, where they’ll keep things organized but also add a level of opulence.

A gold tray or with metallic accents, such as this one at $18 from Amazon, is particularly charming. You can stack the Official Plaza Soap on a tray for a fun twist on the trend.

“The golden glow of a wavy mirror and a shiny countertop give you a place to powder your nose and set your Chanel No. 5 after a spritz,” the pros described.

Experts say a delicate tea set or silver coffee accessories make a big impact


Experts say a delicate tea set or silver coffee accessories make a big impactCredit: Getty

You should also make sure you have fluffy bathrobes in the master and guest bathrooms, so you’ll feel like the spa is only a few floors away.

The easiest way to dress up your entertainment space is with useful, elevated accessories – think colored napkinsused crystal glasses and a funky ice bucket.

You can find hefty options at thrift stores or pick up bargains at TJ Maxx and other discount retailers.

Look for small pieces that work with your existing furniture. One or two chic accents in every room, or at every meal, can make a big impact.

“For breakfast (preferably served in bed), coffee is best dressed when poured from a shiny French press and into a mug perched on a porcelain saucer,” the pros described as example.

Look for inexpensive furniture in luxe fabrics and jewel tones, or to save even more, find velvet throws and tufted pillows to give the visual effect of fancy upholstery.

If all that isn’t “Plazacore” enough, consider spending a little extra on bath towels emblazoned with the hotel’s logo.

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You will get what you pay for with the hand towels, $20 eachwhich will leave your guests impressed after using the facilities.

Make them think it’s a keepsake from your last getaway or home decor research trip.