I’m an interior design expert and my hack will make your room more expensive while saving you money

Making your bedroom look luxurious at an affordable price is a common desire for many women these days.

There is a simple hack that can change the aesthetic appearance of your entire bedroom.


A woman named Eryn shares her bedroom upgrade hack on TikTokCredit: Tiktok/everythingeryn

Interior stylist and content creator, Eryn has a awesome hack for the bedroom for anyone who wants to feel like a total “material girl”.

She begins her video by saying, “Show me the life hack you randomly saw one day that is now unconscious standard practice in your life – I’ll start!”

The text block on the screen reads: “Place the top sheet over your comforter for endless affordable quilt and quilt looks.”

This hack is so awesome because there aren’t many people out there who want to spend tons of money on multiple comforters and duvets.

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From Bed Bath and beyond, one of the best The king-size comforter costs $144.99.

Using top sheets over comforters and duvets is a much more affordable route.

In comparison, basic Bed Bath and Beyond king sheets are $25.

For the price of a new duvet set, you can order five king-size sheets in five different colors.

Eryn says using superior sheets is a more affordable alternative for new quilts and duvets


Eryn says using superior sheets is a more affordable alternative for new quilts and duvetsCredit: Tiktok/everythingeryn

Many people are impressed with Eryn’s money-saving idea that helps improve bedroom aesthetics.

One person wrote, “Also great if you have animals that shed! A flat sheet is much easier to clean than a duvet or even a duvet.

Another person added: “Brilliant. I hate top sheets and always want a new duvet cover.

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A third person commented, “Thank you! This is amazing. Duvets are so expensive depending on your tastes of course, but it still cuts the cost in half or more!

A fourth person added a sweet compliment to Eryn, saying, “I literally admire you as I move into my first apartment. I love your aesthetic!”