IIDA Commercial Interior Design Association calls on California lawmakers to update labor regulations to reflect the critical role of those who keep public spaces safe and efficient

COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Need For Safe Public Spaces Overseen By Qualified And Certified Professionals

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The award-winning interior of the PRC headquarters in SF, designed by Gensler and Revel Design & Architecture, provides a safe and healthy multi-purpose environment for the vulnerable population served by the association.

Did you know California is the only state that uses a private council to oversee interior design regulation? The Northern and Southern California chapters of IIDA (the International Interior Design Trade Association) today recommended that a state board oversee the process. This and other joint proposals are part of the IIDA legislative list for critical updates to the state regulatory process for the profession of commercial interior design.

In early 2022, the California Legislature’s Business and Professions Committee will undertake a sunset review of the regulation of the interior design profession as established in 1990. The Legislature originally scheduled the review in 2021 but postponed it due to the demands of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has highlighted increased public awareness of the essential work that commercial interior designers do to ensure that public spaces are designed to support the health and well-being of the people who use and occupy them. each day. Commercial interior designers design and create the systems and aesthetics around the use of space, air quality, surfaces and access in commercial spaces that include office buildings , government buildings, entertainment venues, airports, schools and hospitals.

“We know – and the pandemic has shown it – that commercial interior design plays a key role in promoting the health, safety and well-being of the public. Design also has the power to heal and bring people together, ”said Verda Alexander, president of IIDA Northern California. “California regulations and standards for the commercial design profession are far behind those of other states. The next sunset review is a great time to bring California up to the industry standard. “

“When it comes to public health, racial equity and climate change, we are living in unprecedented times,” added Meena Krenek, president of IIDA Southern California. “Commercial interior designers use design as a tool to advocate for social and environmental concerns and they represent all of California’s diversity. Their professional status should be regulated on an equal footing with our fellow architects.

Commercial interior designers are trained to identify and apply creative and technical design solutions inside commercial buildings – from offices and hospitals to restaurants and concert halls. Their goal is to understand the human experience within these spaces and improve the way people use them, while ensuring the safety and health of the public. Their work must comply with local and state building and public health codes. Business design professionals understand these regulations and ensure their compliance.

IIDA recommends the following updates to California Occupational Standards:

  • The IIDA supports the maintenance of voluntary certification or registration for interior designers, including commercial interior designers who practice in a code impacted environment. Due to the impacts on the health, safety and well-being of commercial spaces, the best interest of the public is served when commercial interior design is recognized and regulated.

  • The IIDA advocates that commercial interior designers be regulated by a state council. The IIDA believes that regulation of the industry by a state council ensures transparency and fairness for interior designers and the public. The current regulations are overseen by a private council. California is the only state in the country to use a private council to oversee interior design regulation.

  • The IIDA proposes that the qualifying exam for certified or registered commercial interior designers be the NCIDQ exam. The NCIDQ exam is the national industry standard, and many states require it for certification or registration. California currently requires a single exam that is not recognized by any other state.

  • IIDA advocates for ability of commercial interior designers to stamp and seal designs within a defined framework and for acceptance of this stamp to be codified in state law to ensure consistent acceptance in construction services across California. Currently, certified interior designers do not have codified stamp and seal privileges and experience inconsistencies in various jurisdictions when submitting designs for review statewide.

  • The IIDA recommends that “commercial interior designers” be included in the California definition of “professional designer,” which also includes architects, engineers, landscape architects and land surveyors. Without this recognition, the thousands of commercial interior designers practicing in California are legally excluded, despite their essential role in the environments impacted by the code.

About IIDA

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Chapters of Northern California and Southern California are nonprofit, philanthropic organizations that represent more than 1,000 commercial interior designers. These IIDA Chapters support and promote the profession of commercial interior design through education, knowledge sharing, best practices, advocacy and research. The work of commercial interior designers touches the health, safety and well-being of millions of people every day.

For more information on IIDA Northern California, please visit www.iidanc.org.

For more information on IIDA Southern California, please visit: https://iida-socal.org/.

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