Honda ‘HR-X Delsol’ design proposal is personal electric pickup from another world

As electrification is set to become more and more common in the automotive industry, the shape and design of new vehicles will begin to change.

Take a look at the new Ioniq 5, for example. At first glance, it looks like a compact hatchback, but it actually has a longer wheelbase than Hyundai’s flagship Palisade SUV.

Also using an electric powertrain, the designer of this unusual Honda rendering managed to drastically change the shape of the vehicle. Dubbed the HR-X Delsol, the study is called a small pickup truck coupe and not only is it unlike any other modern Honda, but it is also unlike any other production vehicle.

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The front of the plaster consists of a short hood with virtually no front overhang. There is also a false grille similar in shape to the all-electric Honda e grille and completed with a large “H” on the left. The designer, Alexis Poncelet, took a true sci-fi approach to the rest of the vehicle’s design, outfitting it with a set of bizarre off-road wheels and tires that protrude from the body. Such a design just wouldn’t work on the road, but it certainly gives the concept a unique look.

The unique shape of the vehicle continues to the rear where there is a small box and cargo area. One of the renderings features three refrigerators inspired by computer graphics cards used to cool beers.

Note: This is a render by Alexis Poncelet and is not related to or endorsed by Honda

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