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Reflecting on her future, Matti Kershner asked her followers in an Instagram Story about their dream jobs.

Kristi Rippe, owner of Queen City Interiors, replied that she had her dream job, but her dream would be to have Kershner work for her.

“I thought she was joking,” Kershner said with a chuckle. “So I didn’t answer.”

Rippe messaged Kershner a few days later and recruited Kershner, who Rippe said revolutionized the retail side of the business at 721 W. First St.

“His creative vision was just brilliant,” Rippe said.

Kershner recently celebrated her one year anniversary at Queen City Interiors.

“I think of the world of Mattie Kershner,” Rippe said. “We wouldn’t be where we are without her. She is an asset to the company. We want to grow. We want to grow. We are already growing out of our current space. I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone other than (Kershner).

Together, the women have cultivated not only a space focused on selling homewares with a Hastings flair, but also an interior design business.

Kershner said Rippe cared about the landlord and made the client’s space feel like home.

Rippe described working with the client as a collaborative process to give clients what they need.

Queen City Interiors opened in November 2019, four months before the pandemic hit.

“Honestly, I was terrified because, especially at this time, it’s a business where I was walking into people’s homes,” Rippe said.

Her business shut down for nearly three months, during which time Rippe was the homeschooler for her daughter, Julia.

Business began to pick up in June 2020.

The impetus for Queen City Interiors began when Rippe helped her husband, Dave, on renovation projects, including their former home on the upper level of the building at the southwest corner of Second Street and Lincoln Avenue, above- above Big Dally’s Deli.

Kershner lived in Hastings most of her life and after high school she was eager to leave for college.

“Coming back, I don’t see myself living anywhere else,” she said.

His friends who have moved are now delighted to see all the development in Hastings town centre.

“It’s just the community and the other small businesses in this town,” she said. “We all take care of each other. I think it’s really special and you don’t find it anywhere else.

“Locally owned” is a philosophy for Rippe and Kershner as well as the company. Queen City Interiors tries to source locally whenever possible.

The store sells merchandise with the slogan “Hastings AF”.

“In general, we really like local ownership,” Rippe said. “It’s always been a mission for us to not only get to know the owners but to introduce our daughter and let her know the owners because it also gives her a sense of community and when she grows up she might not leave. not. “

Hastings also showed a lot of love for Queen City Interiors. The company had many regular customers.

“The community support has just been…it’s overwhelming in a good way,” Rippe said.