HGTV Star Genevieve Gorder’s Tips for Mastering Interior Design

Anyone can learn interior design even if they don’t want to practice professionally. If you just want to master interior design to enhance your spaces, you can learn a lot of the material yourself. “I think you can get into interior design at any age, and it’s something you don’t need to have a huge degree to be good at,” Gorder said. Of the day. “A lot of my closest friends are completely self-taught, but you have to learn – you can’t come in just thinking, ‘I have good taste’.” Having a natural eye is only half the battle of learning interior design. To really master the art, you need to learn some of the estate’s tenants.

Starting with the basics is a good introduction to interior design. According Master class, style, focal point and balance are the three principles that every designer must keep in mind. Style helps a room be cohesive and can be room-specific like mid-century modern, farmhouse, industrial, or a combination of several styles. Balance has to do with the visual weight of objects, including scale and size, position, and placement. Focal points help draw attention to rooms or room features. Mastering these three elements can give you a good understanding of interior design.