Hero Vired and INSEAD jointly launch a certificate program in strategic management, Business Essentials

Hero Vired, an EdTech company, has announced its partnership with INSEAD, a business school, to offer a “first of its kind” certificate program in strategic management and essential business to learners in India.

The program is aimed at mid-level professionals, senior managers and entrepreneurs who want to take their management skills to the next level. “It’s the only program with a reputable B-school consisting of 70-90% live lessons delivered at an affordable price. Learners wanting exposure to a comprehensive management program or professionals with 5-15 years of experience and no formal management training are encouraged to apply,” reads the press release issued by the institute.

As part of this program, professors from INSEAD and Hero Vired will provide conceptual knowledge, with more than 45 hours of masterclasses taught by the industry’s top experts and mentors. Samir Hasija, Dean of Executive Education and Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD, said: “India is an important market for us, and we see immense potential in leaders and business leaders. business in the country. Our mission at INSEAD is to teach, encourage and inspire leaders who will make their organizations more productive and effective. We are pleased to partner with Hero Vired on this program, and I am confident that it will bring significant benefits to learners in the near future.”

Akshay Munjal, CEO and Founder of Hero Vired, said, “This program not only covers broad ranges and areas of management, but also focuses on interdisciplinary application and ‘learning by doing’ principles. studies, simulations and live teaching by INSEAD faculty. It is aimed at a very wide audience that includes professionals, entrepreneurs, family businesses, etc.”

Amitava Chattopadhyay, Professor of Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Professor of Business Innovation and Chair of Marketing at INSEAD, said: “The functional effectiveness of any organization is rooted in the fundamental strength of its middle management. and a strong middle management structure supports both the roots and the head of the system. This strategic management certificate program by Hero Vired and INSEAD is definitely the need of the hour as it offers the perfect blend of development, mentorship, networking and job placement opportunities.

“During the program, learners can participate in several immersive business simulations to practice and test the concepts they have learned, helping them to gain a holistic understanding of the interrelatedness of various factors in the business environment. program will conclude with networking and presentation sessions where learners interact and learn from industry and business leaders,” the statement added.

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