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Image and courtesy of Grimshaw

Grimshaw adds another transport hub to its portfolio after being selected as the winner of an international competition for the integrated transport hub at Shenzhen East Airport. Sponsored by the China National Railway Corporation Limited and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, the winning proposal answered the brief’s call for “an ambitious vision to create an integrated intermodal transportation hub to act as a new urban gateway and a landmark for the Grande Baie region ”.

Shenzhen Transportation Hub – “A design consortium led by Grimshaw, alongside Mott MacDonald, the China Aviation Planning and Design Institute (AVIC CAPDI) and the Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group (BJUCD) has been selected as the winner of ‘an international competition for the Shenzhen Airport Integrated Transportation Hub of the East. ” Image and text courtesy of Grimshaw

Shenzhen Transportation Center. Image courtesy of Grimshaw

By helping to transport a thousand commuters daily, Grimshaw shares the proposition of providing “effortless transfers” between public transport and the high-speed train. Considered an efficient hub, the design connects the terminals and terminal facilities for those traveling inside and outside of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport.

Image courtesy of Grimshaw

Shenzhen Mangrove Park in China. Image © Chris via Flickr

Image courtesy of Grimshaw

The team shares the design of the transport hub was inspired by the mangrove tree found in Shenzhen. “The natural form of the tree’s diverse root ecosystem, which thrives where waterways converge, has inspired the journey passengers will take, both above and below ground, city side and side. track, while its biodiversity will be in harmony with the hub’s exciting mix of uses. ”Grimshaw adds that the importance and importance of the tree to the city also derives from its carbon absorbing capacities.

Image courtesy of Grimshaw

With Grimshaw, the winning design team includes schlaich bergermann partner (sbp), Atelier Ten and GROSS.MAX. Landscape architects. Jolyon Brewis, Grimshaw partner, shares: “We are often inspired by the transfer of geometries and shapes from nature to architecture. We applied this approach to the master plan and interchange design at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport, which is directly inspired. Not only does this have symbolic value as an important tree for Shenzhen, but it has led to a building solution that is very efficient. It will also be a wonderful place for people to occupy and walk through. We hope this will lift the spirits of millions of citizens of Shenzhen, as well as those who visit this incredible city. “

Image courtesy of Grimshaw

Image courtesy of Grimshaw

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