Financial Management Analyst (APF / UFM / NAF) NF4 job with Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)


Major tasks

Executes complex functional projects the scope of which covers various departments and activities, and includes projects assigned by the Senior Financial Officer APF / UFM. Prepares project reports for submission to APF / UFM Senior Financial Officer, Deputy Director of Finance / Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Director and Director of Marine and Family Programs (MF) and Division NAF (MR) commercial and support services.

Monitoring of Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) for all APFs received through the Uniform Funding and Management Practice (UFM) in the Non Appropriate Funds Accounting System (NAF).

Analyzes and reports on Appropriate Fund (APF) and UFM operations, business performance and functional projects. Analyzes accounting reports, statements and other accounting data within the NAF accounting system. Independently determines the scope of work and resolves problems for operations where the application of standard analysis and evaluation methods cannot be used. Interpret and evaluate guidelines and references for local application to problems. May review obligations / expenses to ensure funding is used as authorized and in accordance with prescribed regulations.

Recommend management actions when financial data shows unfavorable trends or deviations from plans. Provides advice on the results of analysis and evaluation of financial transactions along with other aspects of transactions. Reviews financial documents, correspondence and reports from higher authority to provide recommendations on resolving difficult issues and technical difficulties. Reviews the fiscal integrity of financial documentation and systems, the accuracy of APF to NAF reports and verifies compliance with accepted accounting principles and regulations. Coordinates with NAF accounting system specialists to develop compatibility of reports between UFM and NAF accounting systems. Plans, organizes work and manages internal procedures and resources to ensure maximum productivity and savings. Develops long-term plans in conjunction with internal operational guidelines

Performs audit and review procedures to review internal controls. Complete account reconciliations and interpret financial statements. Prepares reports and advice, and provides briefings on controversial or complex topics. Builds and maintains effective relationships and collaborates with various levels of management within the federal government and / or the private sector, and provides advice and assistance on similarly challenging issues.

Provides world class customer service with an emphasis on courtesy. Assists clients and communicates in a positive and friendly manner. Asks questions to determine, verify and resolve problems. Checks satisfaction with the quality of goods and services. Takes action to resolve issues quickly. Alerts the next-level supervisor, or appropriate point of contact, for assistance when problems arise.

Respects safety rules and standards. Uses all required safety equipment and observes safe work procedures. Promptly reports any hazards observed in the workplace and any injury, occupational disease and / or property damage resulting from workplace incidents to the immediate supervisor

Adheres to established standards of actively supporting the principles of the EEO program and preventing sexual harassment.

Performs other assigned duties. This is a white collar position where it may be necessary to occasionally lift up to 20 lbs.


A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field such as business administration, finance or public administration, or a combination of education and experience – four years of accounting experience and 24 semester hours in accounting or in auditing, or a certificate, or substantial course work in accounting or auditing, or an equivalent combination of accounting experience, college education and training that has resulted in professional knowledge of accounting. Knowledge of accounting theories, practices, methods and techniques to independently perform a variety of assignments and advise managers on accounting and financial matters. Knowledge of the practices and limitations of the design of automated accounting systems. Ability to use computers, electronic communications and analysis of spreadsheets; analyze accounting systems or modify and adapt conventional accounting and analytical techniques and procedures to resolve various accounting problems; Missions, functions, applicable regulations of the NAF and their relationship with other federal activities and private industry to determine the impact of financial transactions on internal and external operations. The knowledge and skills necessary to perform audit and review procedures are sufficient to review internal controls, reconciliation of accounts and financial statements. Ability to: communicate orally and in writing sufficient to prepare reports and advice and provide information on controversial or complex matters; establish and maintain effective relationships and collaborate with various levels of management within the federal and / or private sectors; resolve complex or controversial issues or problems and provide advice and assistance on similarly difficult issues. Knowledge of the following systems is highly desirable: Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) System, Standard Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System (SABRS), Computron, SMARTS / ReportNet and the System program budget information (PBIS).

Eligible for progressive telework as determined by the MR / MF policy.