EU and FAO hand over new Land and Water Information Management Center to Somalia


the European Union (EU) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) officially handed over the new Information Management Center (IMC) to the government of Somalia.

The launch is part of FAO’s ongoing joint efforts in collaboration with the government to strengthen the technical and operational capacity to produce and deliver Water and Land Information (WAL) products and services that inform communities. policies, planning and future development initiatives in the country.

IMC is part of the European Union-funded Integrated Land and Water Resources Management (ILWRM) project, which focuses on establishing a center in each of the two regions of Puntland and Somaliland. The Puntland Center will generate regionally relevant data, information and knowledge to inform the sustainable development of WAL resources in each territory.

“This center will support the government in the management of land and water resources, and ultimately the Somali people, as we are all custodians of these assets for now and for the future. We are proud to support the establishment of this center, and I envision seeing it as a center of excellence in providing cutting-edge services to develop Puntland’s land and water resource base. These efforts also require collaboration between partners – the EU, FAO and government – beyond the current set-up, ”said His Excellency Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni, President of Puntland State in Somalia. .

Joint work

The Center represents joint work with the Puntland government and a new chapter in Somali leadership of its natural resources. The result of this joint work is the capacity within partner ministries to gradually assume responsibilities and use the knowledge generated to design and implement activities.

FAO will continue to provide technical support and capacity building to partner ministries to enable them to assume relevant responsibilities, with FAO technical support tailored to the needs of ministries regarding their mandates and capacity gaps. This reflects FAO’s commitment to building these capacities in Somalia and across the region and is a first step in the planned gradual transition to national ownership of the SWALIM program.

“This Center contributes to FAO’s regional initiative on building resilience in the drylands of Africa. Indeed, it strengthens institutional capacities and decision-making support for the agriculture, livestock, fisheries and NRM sectors in Somalia, and will thus contribute to the strengthening of Somali agrifood systems to the future, ”said Etienne Peterschmitt, FAO Representative in Somalia.

“FAO is privileged to have contributed to the creation of IMC, nevertheless the sustainability of this nascent initiative requires continued efforts and synergy among the partners represented here,” he added.