Dubai-based consultancy EVOPS Hotel has won the interior design project for the Chortoq Boutique Hotel managed by ATECA Hotels in Uzbekistan

Based in Dubai EVOPS DMCC Hotel Consulting won the interior design project for the exclusive Chortoq Boutique Hotel managed by ATECA Hotels in Uzbekistan. Inspired by the endless landscapes and enchanting mountains of Chartak, EVOPS Hotel Consultancy’s design will be paramount to the Chortoq Boutique Hotel experience Managed by ATECA Hotels aims to provide. Located in the Namangan area, away from the noise of the city, Chortoq Boutique Hotel is owned by Mr. Bokhodir Abdurayimov and Mr. Sardar Vali (Chartak Resort JV LLC) and managed by ATECA Hotels. Located in the heart of the Fergana Valley at the foot of the Chartaksay River in the idyllic Chartak region, sustainability has been at the forefront of its development from the start and will therefore be a key design aspect.

Make the announcement Mr. Michel Noblet, Executive Chairman of EVOPS DMCC Hotel Consulting and ATECA Holding, said: “We are proud to offer our interior design services for the Chortoq Boutique Hotel in Uzbekistan and extremely grateful to the owners for entrusting us with this prestigious project. Led by Ms. Hina Bakht, Managing Director of EVOPS DMCC Hotel Consultingand vice president of ATECA Holdingour design team includes highly specialized and experienced designers from Dubai, Singapore, Paris, Tashkent and New Delhi.

Elaborating on the concept, Michel added: “Chortoq’s rich history and spectacular location make it one of the most unique destinations in the world. Its appeal lies as much in its picturesque location as in its fascinating concept worthy of a fairy tale. Our attempt is to provide design that is of its time and yet timeless. Boutique elegance, urban chic and simplicity come together in harmony.

Hina underlined: “The Chortoq Boutique Hotel offers us an exciting challenge given its extraordinary location. It was designed to pay homage to the region’s rich and intriguing culture and surroundings with luxurious modernity. This project required intelligent thought to deliver the elegance and sophistication that upscale 5-star clients expect and the ambience that their lifestyle demands. Practicality, longevity, durability and budget were the primary considerations. With the utmost respect for its context and locality, we carefully consider materials and color palettes, while also considering the integration of the latest technology and sustainability into our design.

With the customers of today and tomorrow in mind, the EVOPS DMCC Hotel Consulting the design team’s focus is to deliver modern experiential design in a serene setting.

Hina explained, “By absorbing the sights, sounds, tastes and thrills of Uzbekistan, we aim to establish a connection between visitors to Chortoq Boutique Hotel and its surroundings. The “wow” experience will begin upon arrival and continue throughout through delightful human-centered design surprises.

“A warm and cozy atmosphere will welcome guests as they walk through the front door. Carefully selected furniture, mood lamps and decorative items are carefully selected to add the finishing touch to the lobby. Improving it further will be Touches of Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage are most evident at the reception.

While public spaces combine a mix of bright colors, rooms are done in neutral, natural hues with tiny pops of color for a soothing feel. These are framed by curtains and luxurious furniture and elegant accessories that will make the place look very graceful. Discreet lighting will add charm at night. Renderings of birds that symbolize a connection between heaven and earth and are known for peace, harmony, calm, nature and freedom are used haphazardly throughout the decor.

“Our goal is to transform this mountain dwelling into a unique and relaxing getaway while casting a soulful spell with its unique, eco-friendly design through the use of sustainable, low-carbon products. With an abundance of nature, peace and serenity, it will allow visitors to exist, absorb and contemplate the surroundings in their own way and pace while experiencing true Uzbek hospitality,” Hina said.

In this oasis of tranquility, four room categories each impress in their own way.

Furnishings vary from suite to suite and are juxtaposed with carefully selected décor and stunning lighting in keeping with the modern feel of the hotel. The most luxurious and lavishly decorated will be the Presidential Suite with separate living, dining, and lounging areas, featuring marble bathrooms, garden views, and beautiful artwork.

On site there will also be a stylish international restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the lush landscape under indigo blue skies and a chic and lively bar and trendy lounge cafe. Part of the facilities portfolio includes a VIP dining room, three meeting rooms, retail space, a tailoring studio and a beauty salon.

Michel said: “The Chortoq Boutique Hotel, managed by the ATECA Hotel, is a beautiful dream in the making that will last long after you return home.”


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