‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Mid-Century Interior Design: A Guide

Everyone has their opinion on don’t worry darling. Everyone has their opinions, opinions, verdicts on Harry Styles’ acting. And everyone is worried. Except, of course, the producers of the film. Yeah, the mess, the mess DWD debuted at No. 1 at the box office. And not because it’s “a movie,” as Harry Styles so eloquently put it. The drama was probably there for something.

But here’s what no one talks about enough: interior design.

My mind keeps replaying scenes from the movie. Namely, the scenes that highlight these magnificent interiors. Florence Pugh in a nightdress, slumped in a mid-century chair. Florence Pugh in a dressing gown, vacuuming around art-inspired furniture and polishing walnut cabinets. And Florence Pugh frantically scrubbing the art deco tub and wiping those big, big windows that let in all that light.

Give him an Oscar. And then give one to the decorator too.

through Warner Bros.

Turns out, the idyllic and glamorous neighborhood of Victory wasn’t a completely made-up setting. Although it looks like a Barbie set come to life, it’s actually a real Palm Springs neighborhood. It’s true. These houses Actually to exist. And some of them are quite famous.

For example, the set of Frank’s House – that is, the house featured in the party scene – has been in the spotlight for decades. You might recognize him from the iconic photo of Slim Aarons, Poolside gossip, Palm Springs, California, USA, 1970. While Slim Aarons’ photograph only provided a glimpse of this exclusive property, DWD gave a comprehensive and appetizing overview of the beautiful estate.

Other iconic architecture featured in the film includes Canyon View Estates, another exclusive Palm Springs landmark. And all of these have more in common than their astronomical prices and fiercely guarded doors: their beautifully preserved mid-century interiors.

through Warner Bros.

“Mid-Century Modern” has become the buzzword over the past couple of years. Every Facebook Marketplace listing claims this is a vintage mid-century modern piece. But girl…I know you got it at Ikea. Lower the price.

I won’t lie. I love the trend. I’ve rewatched the iconic Dakota Johnson AD Home Tour an embarrassing number of times. And her house is a mid-century modern dream – just like the DWD Position.

Ever since the Dakota video came out, I’ve been fantasizing about a green kitchen and an artfully decorated living room. I scoured FB Marketplace, eBay, vintage stores and Instagram accounts for this aesthetic.

DWD reignited the fire I feel for this aesthetic. And in my research, I found so many great and affordable options from the most unlikely source: Urban Outfitters Home. Urban outfitters has really stepped up its interior design game. Their vintage-inspired pieces really look like the real thing. And these quality dupes will not crumble after a few years. In fact, many of them are made with recycled materials, so they’re built to last.

I’m getting my dream decor sooner than I thought, thanks to Urban Outfitters Home – no FB Marketplace haggling required. Here are the parts I buy to channel mine don’t worry darling home vibe (troublesome items aside):

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Floor cushions

Cleverly stacked around the living room set Jack and Alice are square tufted floor cushions. Seeing them on the big screen was the last push I needed to convince myself to have them for my own home. They are the perfect addition to any space for any need. They place the guests. They make great beds for pets. Most importantly, they add color and texture to my budding home decor chart.

Bright cushions

Where there are floor cushions, there must be sofa cushions. A Classic Mid-Century Modern Discord Trick Uses cushions for a surprising and visually pleasing splash of color. If Jack and Alice have bright yellow sofa cushions, just like me.

Dark wood console

One thing about Mid-Century design is that there will be wood. burl woodwalnut, orange cupboards. DWD has them all. Add natural-looking wood without the exorbitant price tag of vintage stores with the OU Home collection of wooden consoles and cabinets and more.

Geometric coffee table

Triangle, squares, circles – oh my! coffee table may be more than rectangular. Spice up your table decor by spicing up your table. UO Home has a fun collection of geometric paintings that instantly add character to your home.

Low sectional

A sofa is the center of every living space. The elegant and low sectional is the epitome of mid-century elegance. Low leather sofas with wooden bases with cushions with curved edges, OU Home he has got everything.


Of course you need a turntable. This one is chic while having modern capabilities like Bluetooth and headphone jacks. Your vintage-inspired home will be complete!