Designer’s Class Boards Gauri Khan to Launch Interior Design Course

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Designer’s Class Boards Gauri Khan to Launch Interior Design Course

Posted May 27, 2022

Interior design in India is taking off with an exponential leap in job opportunities in the field

The Designer class enlists Gauri Khan to launch a basic interior design course as one of its instructors

Bombay: The Designer’s Class™ (, India’s leading and one-of-a-kind holistic e-learning platform that focuses on different design verticals, today announced its partnership with Gauri Khan for a basic course in interior design. The video module is focused on millions of people across India to start them on the journey towards millions of job opportunities in the field. According to industry reports, the interior design industry currently has over 1 lakhs of job opportunities available. The module helps students learn the basics of interior design (residential and commercial). Gauri, who has designed the homes of some of Bollywood and India’s most famous names, will also share secrets that have helped her become a designer to be reckoned with in India and beyond.

In his comments, Gauri Khan said: “The idea of ​​helping a new breed of up-and-coming designers connect with the wonderful world of interior design brings me immense joy. As a self-taught designer myself, I strongly believe in breaking down the barriers of tradition and adopting a more open educational model. Art and design must be available for consumption by all, not just the privileged few. Most importantly, I can’t wait to share my own “secret” ingredients that will help take every space from quaint to luxurious. »

Commenting on the partnership and the relevance of the course, Samarth Bajaj, Co-Founder and CEO, The Designer’s Class, said: “One of the data points that keeps coming back to us is that interior design is taking off in India’s tier 2 and 3 cities and is no longer a preserve of big cities where it is mature and well anchored. But the number of options available to potential aspirants looking to enter the field is less or often restrictive as it involves relocation and higher costs. It also leaves out a huge and highly relevant audience of home-schooled women who can learn it quickly from home. Gauri Khan is more than we could have asked for – she’s self-taught, she’s accomplished incredible things in such a short time to be where she is today, and her name certainly rings a bell in India and beyond. I am really grateful for her accepting quickly and spending time making sure the module is correct and interesting for the students. »