Darren Palmer Reveals Top 5 Interior Design Trends Expected to Come Out in Season 18

Every year we see contestants influenced by trends, and trends are influenced by contestants, and this season of The block is the largest and most influential to date.

Here are five takeaway trends you just might start to see more and more of in homes across our deep south.

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Australian contemporary country

It’s an interesting memoir and one that has this season of The block buzzing. What is Australia-centric design? How contemporary is modern? What does the country look like? And how do you moderate and navigate the different approaches and nuances of answering each of these questions? What is the best approach? Is there such a thing?

It’s an interesting record and has created five very different solutions, some more contemporary, some more country and some more definitely reflecting the Australian landscape.

There is no correct answer to which of the three parts of this memoir commands the most attention, although the interesting thing about Australian + contemporary + country memoir is that there are at least three at the power three different permutations, although in reality there are many more options and interpretations.

The idea of ​​a modern country house is heavenly, as is a modern view of a rustic farmhouse with all its charm but with the benefits of modern technology.

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Honoring Australian indoor/outdoor living and the colours, materials and landscapes add another layer of interest and intrigue to the designs, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of what homeowners and renovators in Australia will interpret like a contemporary Australian country through interior design in the immediate.


Dylan and Jenny impressed with a functional and stylish wardrobe on The Block. (New)

These are neither new nor revolutionary, in fact they followed the French quite quickly in the late 1700s, appearing in mansions in the 19th century.

The term became popular in architecture in the 1950s and they became a really necessary luxury inclusion only if you’re very likely to be dragging dirt and mud around your home, which let’s face it, is inevitable in homes this season. of The block.

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The idea is great though, having a place to enter that isn’t the main public entrance, where you can leave your dirty shoes, umbrellas and school bags and close the door so they can dry or be stored for the next use.

They’re a luxury inclusion purely because of the square meter of space required to have one, much like butler’s pantries, but don’t be surprised if we see more and more of them in homes large enough to having them, again, much like the butler’s pantry.

Energetic efficiency

There is a clear focus on sustainability in terms of energy use and the creation and storage of energy and resources in this year’s report. The block and it is a very timely goal indeed.

From solar panels to on-site battery storage, huge rain tanks to triple-glazed windows, power, heating, air conditioning and how much they have been incorporated into the design of these five phase planning to completion show you how the appeal of sustainability has become and will continue to grow.

Elevated Outdoor Living

We saw many large outdoor spaces connecting to indoor lounges on The block for years, but with vineyards, golf courses, multipurpose sports areas and even a lake, the outdoor spaces in this season of The block are not only high in terms of inclusion, but also of amenity, lifestyle, attractiveness and value.

When you live further away from a major metropolitan area, it makes perfect sense to be self-sufficient in all respects, entertainment being no less important than any other requirement to live as close to the off-grid as possible.

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Interesting use of materials

The block is known for bringing innovation to Australia.

This season we have seen a 3d printed housewhich is an amazing innovation that can reduce labor times and provide beautiful shapes and interesting design like curves and wavy walls with a texture otherwise difficult to achieve with conventional construction methods.

We also saw living spaces in the Stratco sheds. As they say on their sitenot all sheds are created equal:

“Standard sheds used for storage, workshops or private garages are classified as ‘Class 10a’ non-habitable buildings or structures under Australia’s National Building Code (NCC). However, if you plan to do all or part of your habitable shed, you may require your structure to be upgraded to a “class 1” habitable building.It is important to check with your local council or private certification body to determine if this is the case and confirm all necessary requirements.

Scott Cam The Block 2022
Scott Cam included work from the home space and media room inside his shed on The Block. (New)

It is an attractive approach, to add a living space or other habitable area within the expanses provided by a steel framed shed structure and which, with the appropriate compliance requirements met, could be a very interesting approach for home builders and renovators across the country.

A product featured in this year’s upcoming landscaping is Pentabloc which has a series of different stacked stone facings allowing for the rapid creation of stone retaining walls without the labor costs of a DIY installation. This has got to be a revolutionary use of materials in the Australian market and something we’re sure to see more of in the future.

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