CryptoMize Celebrates 5 Years of Perception Management Services in 30+ Countries

CryptoMize celebrates 5 years of perceptual perfection services, having served elite governments, politicians, multinational corporations, celebrities and HNIs in over 30 countries and over 3 continents. Perception Perfection is an organized effort to present an ideal perception to the public. With a carefully crafted set of tactics, CryptoMize can be at the helm to transform your perception to perfection.

CryptoMize, a leading digital conglomerate, introduced perception management services to the global market for elite clientele such as governments, politicians, multinationals, celebrities and HNIs in February 2017, celebrated the 5th anniversary of the perception management service “Perception Perfection” on February 2, 2022. From a cybersecurity company over a decade ago, CryptoMize has grown into a powerful digital agency that provides a plethora of specialized services and products in world markets.

Since the creation of the service, the objective of Perfection of perceptions emphasized “enhancing and improving reputation by maximizing the availability of favorable information” and “monitoring public sentiment all together for better value and positive perception”. Today, the organization maintains the values ​​of the goal but with better and advanced technology that not only improves efficiency but provides completeness to the processes.

CryptoMize is one of the first companies to introduce Perception Management to the world. CryptoMize, an information security company based in India, has opened an exclusive Perception Perfection service to help elite clients create a remarkable image for themselves.

The objective of the organization includes building and perfecting the brand image whether it is for an individual, a brand, a company or a country through numerous activities such as proactive content creation, monitoring and responding to negative reviews, managing brand mentions across digital spaces. Over the years, CryptoMize has continuously developed strategies, processes and technologies to meet ever-changing industry needs, which our latest successful project has proven to use the latest in technology. .

The term Perception Perfection was coined by business CEO, Mukesh Sharma. The idealistic goal of its vision in calling CryptoMize Perception Management Service “Perception Perfection” also describes the vision of the service. With Perception Perfection, CryptoMize aims to align public perception with the best of your identity and brand image. Being the sum of perfectionists, our mission is to improve perception to perfection and beyond.

“After closely analyzing millions of success and failure stories from celebrities, high-income individuals, brands, politicians and governments – what we observed was truly fascinating: it’s all about the perception; all actions, inactions and reactions are influenced by or influence perception, whether something is sold, proven or communicated – everything is to influence perception, success is perception, success creates perception, the real determinant of success is also Perception. Perception may not be reality, but it can most certainly change it, if not reality itself, at least the perception of reality. Mind boggling.. isn’t it Only if there was a way to perfect Perception, well there is, NOW. Dr. Jyoti, COO at CryptoMize

According to Wikipedia “As we move into what many call ‘the information age’, it has become increasingly necessary to protect your digital identity. Because it seems so easy to get your information, try to create a perception that they want their target market to believe. and added that “people nowadays surf the Internet for various purposes. They research what’s hot, what new things are coming up, and so on. Therefore, if you want to make your presence felt in the online world, it is important that you view yourself in a positive and bold way. »

The idea of ​​introducing Perception Perfection depended solely on this idea. “Whether it’s creating an impression on your product, promoting yourself as a leader, or showcasing someone in real life, any top-tier entity will eventually need to build their perception.”

From now on, the service aims to maneuver information according to customers’ intentions. The CryptoMize team formulates a foolproof strategy for them that includes steps in this particular order: monitoring, analysis, stargazing, and execution. CryptoMize helps implement strategies to harness the potential of your idea and convert it into something that will change the public perception.

Over the years, the organization has provided a personalized advantage with intelligent use of data and accurate knowledge of structures and operations is one of the key factors for the future of Perception Management. By using artificial intelligence, technologies are always advancing, which allows for strong integration of features and efficiency.

In recent years, the company has focused on using all layers of technology stacks to improve day-to-day operations and project success. The purpose of using technology stacks is to optimize day-to-day business processes and design them in a way that makes them more effective and efficient.

the Digital ConglomerateCurrent projects include introducing a company to the world in the entertainment industry. The project and its development includes establishing the product in the Indian entertainment market and supporting an overall digital product structure.

About CryptoMize

CryptoMize is a conglomerate digital agency in India with a presence across 3 continents spanning a decade, having served elite clients such as governments, politicians, multinational corporations, celebrities and HNIs in over 30 countries. It offers a full range of elite services derived from preventive analysis and strategic planning to our clients. Key services include Perception Perfection, Promotional Parlance, Public Relations, Policing Phronesis, Privacy Enforcement and Political Catalysis.

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