Contrary to quick guesses, an interior design project is more than just a money thing – Lake County Record-Bee

What can you do in that time between when you decide on an interior design project and when you can actually afford to start? A lot!

First, let’s take a look at that catchy word: “afford.” “Contrary to quick guesses, an interior design project is much more than just a matter of money. An interior design project, of almost any size, is an expense in many directions. The important considerations – Affordable things – include money, time, patience, inconvenience, focus and change – you need to see if you can afford them, just as one considers the affordability of anything. mind-boggling, but it deserves your thought and a lot of pause.

And, these considerations differ, expand, or shrink depending on the type of project on the table, its size, expected timeline, initial scope, possible subsequent plan, and any adjacent aspects. Is this a commercial project? Is it residential, medical, dental, corporate, commercial or municipal? What special contingencies must come into play to accommodate particular circumstances?

Believe me, there are other points to consider, but the ones above are enough to help you take a look at what can be done before choosing your interior designer, and before signing on the line. dotted!

Understanding the commitment to your intended interior design project, in terms of combined complex affordability – not just financial affordability – is important and is the best way to begin your planning process. For example, if you are considering a commercial project, the complexity varies. Are you a small business – maybe yourself and two or three employees? The “inconvenience” that you can afford is very different from a company with 50 to 80 people on board! Either way, there must be a plan for inconvenient disruptions and possible temporary moves! How many? How long? How?

In such situations, how will you manage your flexibility and the impacts on, for example, billable time, focus on quality and performance? Disruption can simply be chaotic, or it can be planned, anticipated, prepared, and managed before your interior design project begins.

At home, there are other considerations. Depending on the scope and areas of concern of your project, disruption will occur to some extent! Children and pets generally resent unusual changes that interfere with routines and activities. Explain to family members, not only that we are going to do very nice things in the house, but to clarify what the real impacts – small or not – may be on their space and their habits. Getting the kids into the excitement (as well as temporary intrusions) can really help, once you get started.

Whether you run a business, a medical or dental office, a residence, a residential income property, a hotel or a restaurant, your precious time will take a single hit. !

Even with proper delegation, you’re still the best banana! You will have both sides of the fence to oversee, manage, sometimes cajole and sometimes arbitrate! Not every moment of your interior design project will be fun! Sometimes when you really need to focus on something else, you may need to multitask in a whole new way and focus on choices and decisions that are just as urgent as what you were trying to get on with. concentrate at the origin! Ah! Can you afford the patience?

In the meantime, before your interior design project begins in earnest, prepare as much as possible. Examine your accessibility ratio! Money, time, patience, inconvenience, focus and change are the main ones! But if you need more, help is on the way!

Robert Boccabella, BFA is a director and founder of Business Design Services and a certified interior designer in private practice for over 30 years. Boccabella provides Designing to Fit the Vision© in collaboration with [email protected] To contact him, call 707-263-7073; email him at [email protected] or visit or on Facebook at Business Design Services.