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LUCK: In a first, an exclusive college for the deaf is being established at Shakuntala Misra Rehabilitation University. and skills development.
The college will offer a three-year professional bachelor’s degree in graphic design and animation, and will have multiple exit levels. The first exit level is after six months and any student who drops out will be awarded a certificate. students will receive an advanced diploma. Those who complete the course will receive a diploma. “The idea is to improve the employability of hearing-impaired students by providing them with education and training,” said AP Tiwari, spokesperson for the university.
Construction of the college building, university officials said, is already underway and classes will most likely start operating from the 2017-18 academic session. For the establishment of the college, the Department of Disability Empowerment (under the Ministry of Social Justice and Union Empowerment) allocated Rs 2.50 crore while a matching grant of 2 , 61 crore rupees has been allocated by the Uttar Pradesh Disabled Welfare Department (Viklang Shashatikaran). The grant was intended for the purchase of aid equipment and financial aid in the form of an aid grant to reimburse the costs incurred by the college for the payment of salaries and allowances.
The BVoc program will have two components – general education and skills development – which will constitute 40% and 60% of the course respectively. The university’s executive council, the supreme body for administrative and academic decisions, has approved the proposal to create professorships for the College for Deaf.
Hearing-impaired pupils only access education up to grades VIII or X due to their inability to communicate. The SMRU provides a platform for these students to take a pre-diploma course equivalent to Class XII. Here, all students, including the hearing and visually impaired, study with able-bodied people. Inside each classroom, an interpreter is available to provide sign language instruction to the hearing impaired. “Once a student has completed this pre-degree, they can be enrolled in the BVoc program which will primarily focus on making them creative,” Tiwari said.

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