Chevrolet Silverado Sketch shows fierce design proposition

The current design of the Chevrolet Silverado is not bad. At worst, it has been described as “busy” with its multiple folds and aerodynamic work. But at the end of the day, we love it. At least more than we like the current interior. But what could have been? This design sketch posted on the official website General Motors design The Instagram page can show us what was in the works. Unearthed by GM-Trucks, we don’t think this is a clue to future design, but probably a finalist proposal that didn’t quite make it.

We’ve covered renderings of different vehicles before, highlighting the completely improbable, wonderfully wacky, how it works and we really want it to happen. Still, these mostly come from rendering artists who aren’t affiliated with any brand, which is totally okay. The General Motors design Instagram posts sketches, designs, and renderings from actual GM designers, and this one looks very likely.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing if this sketch actually hints at a future truck. Still, it doesn’t sound so bizarre, and we could quite see something like this become a reality for the next-gen Chevrolet Silverado. The sketch takes many of the current Silverado design cues, such as the slender headlamps that blend into the grille, and refines them for an overall nicer design. The whole truck looks sharper and more edgy than the current one, but not too different. We imagine, however, that Volvo would be a little offended by the light pattern of the Thor’s hammer.

But to us, that grille appears to be completely full and smaller than the current truck. The central part surrounding the Chevrolet bow tie looks like solid plastic, with smaller vents flanking it on either side. With an electric Silverado coming in the not too distant future, this sketch might be our first look at what this truck will look like.

Again, this is all speculation. Whether this sketch hints at an electric or next-gen Chevrolet Silverado, or just a design, it looks fantastic.

Image Via GM.

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