CE Pro 100 Names Top Design Proposal Software Brands

CE Pro’s annual brand analysis study surveys the top 100 top-grossing home integration companies, also known as CE Pro 100, to determine their favorite brands in audio, video, home automation, network, lighting control, security, etc.

In this category-by-category breakdown, editor Bob Archer details the most frequently used manufacturers in 55 product categories. The numbers associated with each manufacturer reflect the number of CE Pro 100 dealers using that brand.

D-Tools maintains its strong CE Pro 100 reseller support.

Unlike previous years where industry-specific programs saw an increase in usage, this year consumer solutions such as Microsoft’s Visio, Autodesk’s AutoCAD, and Intuit’s QuickBooks were seen as popular choices. .

It should also be noted that an increasing number of dealers are using custom software solutions.

See the full report here.

Top 5

D-Tools: 44

Microsoft: 20

Autodesk: 13

Intuitive: 13

Custom: 11

Other brands

Bidding Magic: 5

Gate: 5

Salt Toolz: 5

Tiger paw: 4

iPoint: 3

ProjX360: 3

Simply reliable software: 3

Apple: 2

Base camp: 2

Prize draw: 2

Blue beam: 2

Adobe: 1

Corel: 1

Horizon: 1

JetBuilt: 1

QuoteRoll: 1

Quotes: 1


Department manager: 1

Slateplan: 1

See the full report.

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