Best interior design shows to stream on Discovery+ right now

Hometown (2016–)

Another big change of pace for many Americans over the past two years is relocation to smaller cities and increased time spent in close quarters with family members, especially spouses. We can all take inspiration from Erin and Ben Napier, the show’s husband and wife team Hometown, based in Laurel, Mississippi. The premises for a heartwarming series are all there: bucolic, small-town vibe, relatable and engaging camaraderie between the married hosts, the satisfaction of seeing construction come to fruition and, most importantly, the motivation the show provides to bring to life. day our own homes.

The Napiers’ hometown of Laurel, Mississippi is so quaint and charming on its own that we’d love to look at pictures of the town and be totally satisfied. While they’re certainly home improvement professionals, the couple work together and provide advice and ideas in a way that isn’t intimidating, confusing, or unapproachable. Rather, as they revitalize historic homes, their friendly banter and palpable love for small-town life comes across as heartfelt and inspiring. The pair use each other’s skills – Erin’s penchant for interior decorating and Ben’s handicrafts – to achieve optimal couple goals, which are sure to motivate you and your spouse to start renovating houses in your own city. Or, you know, at least learn how to make modern updates to your home that maintain its historic integrity while making necessary updates for comfort and functionality.