Bec Judd shares interior design transformation at Mount Buller home


The WAG turned businesswoman has revealed the results of her latest project – saying it just might be her “new favorite thing to do.”

She may have taken a step back from the spotlight this year, but Bec Judd has definitely been busy.

The businesswoman and influencer applied her interior design skills, revealing the transformation of her vacation home in Mount Buller.

In a series of Instagram posts, Bec said, “I found my new favorite activity to do.”

She captioned the post: “The first time I could say: ‘Interior design by me. “”

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mount Buller project. Our builder @hennessyconstructions smashed this one in 10 weeks. Max, you are a weapon.

The before and after photos showed how she transformed the dated ’90s-style vacation home into a modern, chic space with faux fur, dark pink tones, and marble kitchen units.

In the living room, Bec replaced the fireplace with a new and elegant one, added a characteristic wall with shelves and used marble reflections.

The makeover included pieces of Zuster furniture, with the two pink faux fur cloud chairs costing over $ 5,300 each.

Fans praised the mother-of-four’s interior design, with good friend Nadia Bartel commenting, “Interiors are definitely your thing! I have always been amazing and love it.

“You broke it, it’s sensational. The best ski chalet I have ever seen,” wrote another person.

“Now that’s a glow,” one commented.

“Wow what a transformation. Looks great, ”said another.

Bec began overseeing the renovation of the Mount Buller ski lodge in April of this year, hoping to prepare it in time for the winter ski season.

However, the extended Melbourne lockdown appeared to delay those plans, with Bec only returning to the holiday home last month.

She made a big discovery in the kitchen fridge after months of absence, revealing it was full of moldy food that “stinks”.

Bec, who celebrated his 18th birthday this weekend with former AFL star Chris Judd, has decided to step back from the media spotlight this year.

She walked away from her high-profile KISS FM Pick-Up gig at 3 p.m., saying that at the time she wanted to spend more time at home with her husband and four children: Oscar, Billie and the twins Tom and Darcy.

“It’s been one of those years… a Covid year, where we’ve spent so much time at home and as a family, we’ve redefined what we do.

“This is the first time since Chris finished football, which should have been back in 2015, that we haven’t had any commitments… this year has taught us that we just want to take a step back and not have these weekly commitments. ” she said.

“He doesn’t do radio anymore, I don’t do radio anymore, so we have a lot of freedom in our schedule and we are very lucky to have it.

“I have such a young family, my twins don’t start school next year but the year after, so I have a year left at home with them and we just want to make the most of those years. golden… they’re slipping away, those golden years.

Bec’s role as host of the Channel 9 travel show Postcards also completed this year.

But despite quitting her lucrative radio job, Bec took care of her sportswear brand JAGGAD, beauty company Spray Aus, and various ambassadorial offers on social media.