Anna Woodman Interior Design completes work on Ela Curry Kitchen

Dining out is more than just having a delicious menu. Customers want the atmosphere of a space to transport them to a new place as soon as they walk through the door.

At Ela Curry Kitchen, diners can expect to find a dynamic menu and a feast for the eyes. The 1,500 square foot restaurant by celebrity chef Pushkar Marathi will showcase fine and cultural cuisine from across India, offering guests fresh and bold flavors through street food and a thali-style dining experience.

A bold menu requires an equally bold design. Anna Woodman Interior Design graciously crafted the quaint space to complement the Maratha chef’s vision.

A Thali-style meal promises a journey of flavors and textures, with all dishes and meal components served at the same time on one large plate. Ela, which means cardamom in Sanskrit, was the starting point of Woodman’s design journey for the restaurant.

The prominent dining bar overlooking the kitchen is a rich green, inspired by the restaurant’s namesake spice. Warm, comforting white walls, terrazzo dining tables, and classic black and rattan chairs create a clean-lined palette for the rest of the vibrant decor. A one-of-a-kind wall covering inlaid with gold leaf, elegant brass fixtures, handcrafted tiles and wood carvings evoke the richness of Indian culture and cuisine. Brightly colored photographs of foods and spices line the walls, giving patrons a taste of what to expect.

Whether they choose to dine alfresco in the intimate outdoor space or in the main dining room, guests will have plenty to explore with their palates and their eyes.

Woodman, who lives and works in Jupiter, was delighted to be working again with Maratha chief executive Andy Dugard.

“Chef Maratha has a knack for creating menus that inspire guests to try dishes and explore new flavors they’ve never experienced before. It’s an honor to create an atmosphere that encourages this kind of excitement among diners,” Woodman said. “I wanted to create a welcoming and exciting environment for the people of Palm Beach Gardens to enjoy something new to see again and again each time they visit.”

This is Woodman’s second project with Maratha chef and general manager Andy Dugard, as she helped bring their Indian fusion restaurant, Stage, to life in 2020.

Woodman has experience working with national restaurant brands and upscale independent restaurants including Ruth’s Chris, Seasons 52, Disney Springs’ Polite Pig and many more.

Ela Curry Kitchen is located at 4650 Donald Ross Rd Unit #110 in Palm Beach Gardens and is expected to open by the end of August. The restaurant seats 43 people indoors and 12 people in the outdoor dining area.